Monday, September 15

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We're featured on this month's issue of Women's Health magazine! 
We are truly grateful that more media platforms are embracing body diversity. We believe this is a healthy start on making women realize that we all have beautifully different shapes and sizes, and embracing and understanding our bodies will be affect us positively and powerfully. 

Check out more of our pictures below! To know more about our outfits, grab a copy today!

Editors: Charmaine Palermo and Larissa Joson
Make up and hair by: Jake Galvez and Kenjie Apostadero
Styling assistants: John Rufo and Samantha Chan
Photography by: Mark Chester Ang 

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Titan Games
The Philippine's First National Strongman Competition

NOVEMBER 9, 2014

NOVICE Division for MORTALS!


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. P1,000 per individual.
EARLY BIRD RATE at P800 until Sept. 30, 2014 only.

Friday, September 12

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Weeks ago, I finally had the luxury to try out the second branch of Crystal Jade in BGC! 

They have created a special Mid-Autumn Festival menu and they exclusively invited bloggers to experience it first. I'm so blessed they chose us to be one of their guests!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is historically a harvest festival, but now symbolizes a time for the gathering of family and friends, and to give thanks for harmonious unions and the blessings of the year. As this festival falls at the time of the full moon, it follows the tradition of moon worship, and is a time for rejuvenation, and prayers are made to the Chinese Lunar deity of Immortality, Chang'E, for longevity, good fortune, and even the blessings of offspring. 

“The Mid-Autumn Festival, being one of the most important annual Chinese celebrations, is a perfect time for us at Crystal Jade to achieve our goal of bringing people together through the fine art of Chinese cuisine,” says Mylene Lim, Chief Operating Officer.

Upon arrival, they welcomed us and led us to one of their private function rooms on the 2nd floor. Obviously, the place was amazing. It had 3 big round tables good for 10 people each. It's perfect for intimate celebrations and family gatherings.

Let the feast begin! This menu has been carefully prepared and cooked by their Chinese Master Chefs which got me quite excited!

Three-Way Chicken: THE BOMB! 
They also call it the pecking chicken. It's so delicious and flavorful! And the skin... OH MY!

This salad has chicken bits, watermelon, melons and mangoes. It was so refreshing and good.

Deep-Fried Garoupa Fillet Balls (sweet & sour)

Shrimp with Broccoli
Fresh and crunchy!
Stacy unfortunately couldn't attend the event because she was sick. Good thing my good buddy Paul got to fill in for her! The food was awesome, really! I forgot to take pictures of my prizes from the dice game and the really creamy and delectable White Lotus mooncakes! I never knew mooncake could taste so good. No kidding.

I had a great time celebrating this Chinese festival at Crystal Jade! Check 'em out for fine and exquisite dishes that are reasonably priced.

Crystal Jade Dining In is located at Unit SEUG201, 30th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. For inquiries or reservations, please call (02) 808-5233.

Menus are priced at P3,800+ (originally at P5,000, for 4-5 pax), and P7,800+ (originally at P10,000, for 8-9 pax). The Mid-Autumn Festival is avalable until September 30, 2014.

Plump love,

Sunday, September 7

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We met Ina through a common friend when we made a beach trip to Pico De Loro months back. Honestly, I got quite intimidated and charmed at the same time upon meeting Ina, because this woman just exuded so much confidence. She was wearing a nice flowy mesh top and a pair of denim shorts to lounge around in. Her tattoos looked good on her and she's just positively comfortable in her own body, it radiates. After a full afternoon of talking about our lives over cocktails by the beach, we just instantly became amigas! 

Read on to know more about Ina, a sexy momma and professional makeup artist, on her thoughts on dating, refusing to diet for her wedding, and how she defines beauty. :) 


You're very open about being an adopted kid. How did you deal with this when you found out, and where did you get your confidence from?
Even before my parents told me I was adopted, they treated my siblings and I the same. They always showed us that they love us, that we are special, that our lives have purpose and destiny. When they told me that I was adopted, I didn't react how the children on Filipino movies react: cry, and run away. Yes there were questions, but at the end of the day I knew they love me and that was enough. My mother would always tell me, "We are all adopted sons and daughters in Christ's family." Having this in mind, it was never ampon ka lang for me.

How did it make you feel to be the biggest in the family and not look like your parents and siblings?
There really came a time when I wondered why! I was getting taller than my mom and my dad. My mom would always have the hardest time finding school shoes for me! I always did not have shoes available in my size, not only shoes but clothes. I was just puzzled. Haha!

Have you ever been bullied? Worst encounter being a fat girl.
There was a couple of years in grade school where i got bullied every day. Every. Day. In the morning, in the school bus, on the way to school, and back home.

I dreaded riding the bus every night. They called me Ms. Piggy. When a truck full of pigs would be beside the bus, or in front, or behind, the people in the bus would say, your cousins are here!

How did you stand up for yourself?
I would always ask them to stop but they never did. I was really nice and did not know how to fight back. Many days I would cry.

I discovered later that if I fought back, they would stop. I realized, wait a minute, I'm a big girl! I could use it to my advantage! After that, I was never ever bullied again. I would also not allow people to be a bully to others.

Have you always been a plus size woman?
I have always been athletic and big-boned in my grade school, and high school years. My heaviest was while I was pregnant, and right after. Working nights for several years have contributed to my weight gain as well.

What's the best thing about being fat to you?
Being healthy fat? You are cuddlier and huggable. You also look young.

Did you ever feel like being big was a hindrance for you to get boyfriends? Why/why not?
It was never a problem. I grew up in a loving home, so I felt secure. I had the mentality that if a guy really loves you, it doesn't matter what your height is, what your skin color is, what your weight is, or what your imperfections are. I also thought, if a guy likes me then he does. If he does not then he doesn't. No big deal. I can be happy being single, and I can be happy having a boyfriend.

You just got married a few years ago! Where did you meet your hubby?
We got married in 2010. I met Peter at a place I said I would NEVER work in—a call center! Never say never, because God's plan is perfect. He brought me to that call center, because that's where my future husband is!

Did you have any insecurities about your body when you started dating him?
None at all.

So you also didn't try to lose weight for your wedding?
No I did not. I wanted to be happy before the wedding, during the wedding, and after the wedding. Happy planning it, happy eating out with friends. If I dieted I would be miserable and cranky! I never diet. My husband and I really made it a priority to eat during our wedding! I've been to so many weddings where the bride and groom don't eat! WHY? I mean, you guys paid for it! Haha!

What's it like to have an even bigger body after you became a mother?
I have realized that my body after pregnancy is never the same. Also, when we age, we don't lose weight as fast as we used to in our highschool/college years. My goal is to tone up, and be healthier. I need to exercise more. I need to be healthy because I have a family, dreams to achieve, places to go! We can't give what we don't have. If we are not healthy, how can we be the best mom, daughter, wife, and friend? Gotta get off the couch! Haha!

What were the struggles you faced with this new body?
I think the one thing that really amazed me is that after pregnancy your feet grows a size bigger. Remember when I said earlier when I was young my mom had a hard time finding shoes for me. I had big feet before! Now it's even bigger! Haha!

I also do know when I got to my heaviest, clothes didn't look good on me. It was hard to find clothes! My knees were starting to hurt. That was a big sign i was not in shape and that wasn't good.

How did you pursue your health?
I went back to the gym!

What is body love and body acceptance to you?
It is the ability to embrace what you like and don't like about your body. To know that you are loved [by your own self] even without a man's affirmation.

Message to other Plump Pinays:
We should always be reminded that we are loved, we can give love, and we are beautiful. God has a plan and purpose for our lives. We are trailblazers! Beauty fades, but a woman with character is to be praised. :)


Thursday, September 4

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my lovely date

"Vanilla Bourbon tea, madame?"

These are really good.

What I wore
top Dorothy Perkins || faux leather leggings F21+ || leather slippers Teefs || bag Balenciaga

watch Aldo || ring Juicy Couture || nails Lulu 

What Stacy wore
outfit & accessories F21+ || bag Balenciaga

sandals Montego Bay (Payless)

nails Lulu

Plump love,

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The Philippine Star app is a straight-to-the point, no-frills electronic version of the very newspaper. The look of it is very clean, concise, and what you get is what you see on the newspaper itself.

Once you open it, a quick navigation guide takes you through step-by-step instructions on how to go about the app. I like that they put that there, although it’s so easy, anyone who’s had a smart phone can just swipe through it and figure it out themselves.

It’s very user-friendly and almost effortless to use, which makes the news more accessible in one go. You don’t have to scroll through and click around webpages for your quick fix of daily updates on what’s going on in the country and the world. It delivers the news across in a fuss-free way, and I’d recommend it to the daily readers of the publication and to everyone who wants to be aware and knowledgeable of current affairs. I actually am glad that they’ve come up with this app, it’s just about time.

Go ahead and be in the know! Download your own app for free!


Wednesday, September 3

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With Tita Karrots! Always awesome to reconnect with inspiring women who genuinely understand what we do! :) 

Cropped white tee Forever 21+ | Leggings Marks & Spencer | Plaid polo Kashieca | Accessories & sandals Forever 21 

Long sleeves Greenhills | Scarf Zara | Sweat trousers Forever 21+ | Flats Teefs | Watch Aldo

We missed our favorite Donyita, Tita K! This our second guesting on her podcast, Live Love Lolz, and I guarantee you this episode is just raw and real to amiga levels! Talked about that FHM article that went crazy viral, how Danah and I fight, on being "pretty" advocates and guest judges on Eat Bulaga, getting an email from Sharon Cuneta, and everything in between!

Enjoy! :)