Saturday, April 19

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Even though we've been blogging since 2009 about loving thyself and body-acceptance, Danah and I are not utterly exempt from having what I'd like to call "off" days.

It's those days when you just stare at yourself in the mirror, smirk, and go "meh." No matter how great you look, I believe every woman is just too familiar with the off days. Ones where you feel bloated and ugly you resort to wearing your favorite garterized bottoms and loose sweat shirts. And being in this very comfy ensemble, you end up turning your A/C on, hiding from the rest of the world in your room while curling under your cozy comforter.

Yep, I've done that waaaay too many times. Fact of the matter is, I am on my off day this very moment as I write this post, and I strongly feel it's because that time of the month on its way. Ugh, the pains of being a woman.

Instead of sulking and letting the feeling-ugly days get the best of me, I've decided to make a list of how to combat it. We won't take this sitting down!

Say this with me: I WILL NOT COMPARE MY BODY AND MYSELF TO STRANGERS I SEE ONLINE AND IN MAGAZINES. If you must throw away all the girly/fashion magazines that only leave you feeling bad after flipping through its pages--I suggest you do it. If you have to unfollow some people on Instagram who just cause you to compare every part of your body with--go for it. You have to understand that we are all created uniquely, fearfully, and wonderfully, and women aren't supposed to look a certain, specific way anyway. I hate how the media standardizes beauty by forcing us to believe that what's only attractive are the photoshopped images of Western-looking women you see in advertisements.

Take it out by working out. I know, I know, you'd rather sit on the couch (or lay in bed) and marathon your favorite shows. I feel ya. But you see, the more you get into the habit of bumming during your off days, the more you'll get used to it, and that ain't gonna help, sister. NOT NOW, NOT EVER. Being lethargic when you feel ugly will just magnify the feeling of being bloated and sloppy. To avoid the empty feeling that comes after a full day of being a total sloth, get off your butt and just get active! You don't have to do a major WOD (work out of the day in Crossfit lingo), you can just blast pumpin' music and dance in your room. You can also look up workouts on Youtube (my favorite are HipHop Abs and videos by Chalene Johnson)! I really believe you don't have to spend money to pursue fitness, and I also believe that hitting the gym and/or running are NOT the only ways to sweat. As long as you're moving, you're active, so do what you enjoy and get to it! Plus, working out naturally releases happy hormones, so that's really gonna help you in shooing the ugly days away. ;)

Look good for yourself. Whenever I feel ugly, the more I don't want to take any effort in making myself look good, hence, all the more I feel unpretty. So today, even if I'm just going to stay in and blog, I decided to put on some light makeup on and wear decent pambahay (stay in) clothes (not the ratty, oversized ones that I have owned I was 8 years old). Loving someone means doing things for them even if you don't feel like it. If you can take an effort to make other people feel good, why not do the same for yourself?

Be grateful for your body. The best way to combat days when you're feeling low about your body is to be thankful for it. I highly encourage you to keep a body-love journal. This is where you write all the things you thank your body for. Start with writing at least 5 statements every single day. Thank your feet for taking you to all the places you've been to that day. Thank your arms for driving you to work. Thank your eyes for allowing you to see the beautiful sights that took your breath away to this Holy Week. It may seem inane and shallow, but it can actually nourish your soul when you commit to considering your body parts as blessings than whining about how bad you look.

Do not overfeed yourself. Told you I know the off days too well! :P There's just something about finding comfort in food, and sometimes, we tend to abuse this comfort. I personally tend to overeat and overindulge when I'm PMS-ing, and I make the crazy hormonal imbalance an excuse to do so. But then, I'd feel pretty bad for letting my emotions get the best of me, and getting too stuffed isn't a very good feeling either, biologically speaking. Eating just the right amount of food when I'm on my PMS is something I've just recently committed to work on, and I know it's going to be tough. But I'm sure that once I get the hang of not overeating, I'd feel better about myself, inside and out.

Remind yourself that you are more than being looked at. There is more to you than a face and a body. Like what this photo from beauty Redefined says, there's more to be than eye candy. Whenever you find yourself feeling ugly, just remember that you are more than your looks, and then mentally enumerate--or better yet list down--all the positive adjectives you feel about yourself and include all the others that have been said to describe you. Focus on your character and who are, and hinge yourself deeper than what's on your surface.


There you go! I hope this list helps to get you through negative body-image days. Remember, comparison is the thief of joy. So just focus on yourself and your journey towards radical self and body love!


Friday, April 18

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We were given the privilege to be one of the few people to access Spotify as they launch their music streaming app here in Manila. Their main event was held in 71 Gramercy in Makati. The view of the city is breath-taking from the top!

The place was too packed! We just stayed by the bar :)

Mabuhay, Spotify! *clink*

Spotify Asia's Director, Sunita Kaur, explaining why the Swedish-based music company exists and why we should download the app. Apparently, the main goal of Spotify is to lessen (if not completely stop) the illegal download of music online. 

Danah with fellow bloggers David Guison and Lissa Kahayon. (I was the one taking all the photos!)

This very adorable dude, Joey, was one of the DJs that night. He walked up to us for a photo! "Uy kayo 'yung Plump Pinays 'di ba? Finofollow ko kayo sa Instagram!" We love having our photos taken with our followers! If you see us around, don't be shy to say hi. :)

Up Dharma Down playing their hits. RESPECT! The night was full of performances from other well-known local artists.

With our mentor, dear friend, spiritual discipler, and mamasan! 
We are so happy Stephanie joined us that night! 
She usually goes home and stays home after 10pm so to be with her on a Tuesday night is a big deal. :)

On Danah:
Apartment8 lace crop top
Tomato leather skirt
Staccato shoes
Vintage earrings from our lola

On me:
Apartment 8 terno (top & skirt)
Dorothy Perkins shoes
 Lovisa bracelet

After the awesome set of Up Dharma Down and winning a Nokia smart phone (thanks for the lucky pick, Joyce Pring!), we headed to Black Olive in Capitol Commons for some grub. :) We just fell in love with their dishes after our first visit!

Black Olive's Fried Jalapeño Mussels with sour cream dip. Must-try if you're into fried seafood! Or even if you're not! Try something new naman! :P

Truffle Bacon Risotto. Al dente, creamy, and just absolutely perfect in every way. Waaaah I miss it!

Prosciutto and Arugula thin-crust pizza. I'm a fan!

Had a meaningful Tuesday night with these beautiful people. We met Emil, Stephanie's bestfriend, for the first time that night, but after baring our souls to each other and talking about our advocacies and passions, we all knew we gained a new friend in each other! :) Definitely a memorable night for all of us!


Thursday, April 17

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Before anything else, I am writing all thoughts below coming from a very personal point of view, so please respect my opinions. I am not disrespecting other beliefs or practices. I'm just simply explaining and sharing my own. Thank you.

A few days ago, Manila Bulletin asked, "What do you sacrifice during Holy Week?" It was an honor to be included in the roster of personalities (such as James Younghusband and Tintin Bersola-Babao to name a few) who were asked the same question. It was easy to answer with a habit or some type of food to avoid, but more than just giving an answer I wanted to expound on the subject matter even just for a little bit. So when Manila Bulletin asked me, here's my response.
In line with this, and because the season is fit, here are some thoughts on this year's Holy Week. Now before anything else, I am not a theology expert or some Christianity guru, all I wanna do is share my opinions on the holiday, and my personal view of things regarding it.

Holy Week isn't holy.

As my social media feed gets flooded with booze shots and vacation selfies, it's obvious that Holy Week isn't really holy to most of us, and by holy I mean paying respect or devotion to God. It has been reduced to a 5-day weekend, the much anticipated breather--especially to those who work daily from 9 to 5. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I'm not saying it's a good thing either. I'm just saying it's no longer really about reflecting or doing a heart-check to most of us, based on observation.

Traditions, traditions, traditions.

Just yesterday, as we drove around the city, processions started to take place everywhere. People lining up behind huge statues with lit candles in their hands, some were reading from a booklet, others taking selfies, others smoking cigarettes, others just looked plain clueless, as if their parents dragged them to attend, leaving them with no choice. Being very cultural with our Christianity, I see a lot of Filipinos mindlessly take part in such traditional activities especially during this Lenten season, without really knowing what's going on. It saddens me that we have become a society that just accepts what is and has been and neglects asking why and what's the point... Which takes me to my next thought.

Empty sacrifices?

Imagine a Justin Bieber fan (I'm onto something here, please bear with me) doing a hunger strike until authorities release him from jail (let's just say he's still imprisoned). She is strong-willed and determined with this commitment, and she doesn't give in to her senses. Her body is tested, she's getting weak, but she does not give in to temptation until JB is freed. Now, do I discount her sacrifice? NO. OF COURSE NOT. But does it do her any good? Does it make her "relationship" with Justin Bieber grow deeper? Does it actually contribute to the fastening of his freedom? This may be a poor analogy but sometimes, I think this is what most people go through when they do empty sacrifices during this week. Now I'm sure God sees their hearts and the very reason why they do these, but sometimes I can't help but wonder if they really do understand the very essence of Christianity. Which is...

Relationship > religion

I've never been a fan of religion. I've tried a number--from Taoism to Catholicism and other Hindu practices in between--I've practiced it and gave it a shot. Not to mean any disrespect to the said religions, but it all boiled down to what I can do and how I should act. It felt like some kind of moral strength that puffed the ego; the more I did, the better I was. The less I did, the more of a failure I felt I was. It was about what I can do. And honestly, I wondered if it was all about will power and reinforced kindness and good behavior. It wasn't until I heard of the beauty of the Gospel from a college camp my friend invited me to. Having been afloat in my spirituality, I was afraid that I will be entering my first cult, surrounded by freaks who liked saying "praise Jesus". Fast forward to a few years later and I'm exactly one of those "Jesus freaks". The difference with religion and Jesus is...

Religion says DO, Jesus says DONE;
Religion says SLAVE, Jesus says SON.

And when we have this personal relationship with the God of the Universe--the God who Loved the world enough to die for it--it moves us and makes us want to really live and become the very persons we were created to be.

I want to end this blog post with this verse:

1 Peter 2:24

Jesus [He] personally carried our sins in His body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right. By His wounds you are healed.

If He says it is finished, then what are we doing, trying to re-live His pain? It all boils down to heart-theology, not mere head-theology.

May this Holy Week reveal to you the gravity of Jesus' love for us. If you're looking for meaning during this Lenten Season, may I personally invite you to go through the Walkways: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross from April 13-20 at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. This is not a paid for ad whatsoever. It's just that going through it continuously impacts my spiritual life in so many ways and I believe it will make your week worthwhile and relevant too. 

Plump love,

Tuesday, April 15

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Here are some behind-the-scene photos of the video shoot we did yesterday. We joined a viral video contest for The Cream Factory, so I asked my cool and creative friends Shek and Luis to help us out. It took us 3 meetings to finally decide on which concept to go for 'cos ideas kept on flowing from us! Just when we think we're finally done, another better concept pops up! I think what made it even more difficult is that there are no rules! The brand is giving us absolute freedom on how to execute the video and let the netizens make it viral. I'm so glad we finally pushed through with one solid theme and story.

It was fun working with my friends. Everything just started falling into place--from costume to the storyboard--a day before the shoot! I felt my copywriter (and stylist/MUA) mode kick in. We are so grateful to God for this opportunity to create something for a brand we truly support and believe in. :)

We do hope you enjoy the video and share it with your friends once it's up! Watch out for it on our Facebook and Youtube accounts to be released by the end of this week! ;)

I love this! Those ceramic decors are plates and utensils too! ISN'T THAT COOL?!

I styled my twin sister! :)

What Stacy wore:

Our Lola's vintage boat-neck top
Dorothy Perkins skirt & flats
Greenhills tiangge earrings
Tomato shades
SM Department Store belt

Stacy wearing NYX lipstick in London.

Luis behind the camera

Scene 1, take 1, ACTION!

Coocoo faces before the actual take! :D

Nyehehe :P

Vintage feels, yo.


Plump love,

Monday, April 14

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Capitol Commons is the hippest place to be if you like hanging out in Kapitolyo (Pasig). We like going to this semi-recently opened establishment because it's conveniently a short-drive from our home and it's got this mix of laid back and classy vibe going on. We used to frequent Tipsy Pig (and Tipsy Pig alone!) whenever we're in Capitol Commons, so we haven't really checked out Black Olive. That's why we're grateful we got invited by their management to try out their newest lunch menu! Everything they served us was really good, and we enjoyed the dining experience a lot! We went back with friends the very same week, and even they have become instant fans of this promising Italian restaurant. We now have a new go-to place for authentic Italian food! (And I think this one just crushed Italianni's!!!) 

Though we've seen the façade of Black Olive, stepping inside the establishment is a different vibe. This resto/pub was built with glass walls and a combination of industrial interior with modern pieces. Oddly enough, the designer of the restaurant did a job well done to make the place very welcoming and homey.

They served us everything on this list! Black Olive's concept behind their Out To Lunch menu is so that customers can just easily choose what to eat fast, instead of going through the long list of options in their regular menu. Every item on this menu goes with iced tea plus soup OR dessert. You can't have both, sarryyyy! Just pick one--either soup or dessert!

Their iced tea is freshly brewed. Just like how legit iced tea should be.

Red Bean & Lentil Soup. They had 3 choices of soup in their regular menu. I originally opted for their Tomato Soup, but this is the only one they served with the items from their Out To Lunch menu. I'm glad I got to try this one! It's something new to the palette but it's really gooooood. Had this earthy taste to it. I enjoyed it. And it was quite amusing to sip on bright pink liquid for soup!

So much food on the table. Thank You, Lord!

Meatball Calzone. This was very filling! It tasted deliciously rich and spicy. The calzone was topped with a good amount of melted mozzarella cheese too. The bed of marinara sauce was just a bit too sweet for me. I guess it's good for those who like the "Pinoy" taste in their Italian food, but personally, I like my tomato sauce sour. 

Pasta Primavera. This one's very scrumptious. The infusion of both black and green olives and cherry tomatoes with the pesto sauce gave this fresh herby pasta added flavor than the ordinary basil-based dish. Pesto can sometimes get too strong to the taste if too much basil is used in the sauce, and I'm glad this is not the type that gets nakaka-umay. I liked this one a lot too! The pasta was cooked al dente as well. 

Tagliata with Arugula. It's no secret that arugula leaves go well with steak, the way it's no secret that Danah and I love love love steak so we both absolutely liked this dish. :P We loved Black Olive's steak, although it felt too thin for a slice to me. But then again, it's good enough for its price. The steak was perfectly spicy and was cooked medium-well. It went with flavorful fries made from real potatoes that were not oily at all! YUMMM!

Spicy Shrimp Spaghetti Aglio Olio. I'm a seafood and roasted garlic lover so it wasn't unexpected that this one would be an instant favorite. The spaghetti noodles were coated with the right amount of extra virgin olive oil that was not over powered by the garlic. The pasta was cooked al dente! I love how generous Black Olive is with their ingredients--like the shrimps for this dish. Unlike other Italian restaurants who serve you a plate of "seafood" pasta where "seafood" actually just means 2 pieces of shrimps and 2 pieces of mussels, this one is served with a generous amount of shrimp. And it wasn't too spicy to the point that it gets difficult to eat, but it wasn't the lame kind of spicy either. ;)

Pork Parmigiana. The breaded pork chop was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The tomato jam on top of it had a distinct flavor of curry in it, and it tasted good specially with the melted Polvone (a kind of Italian cheese). The rice pilaf was fluffy and flavorful. The whole dish to me tasted Italian with a twist of Mediterranean. Delicious!

Crispy Peri Peri Chicken Burger. This one is another personal favorite! (Oo na, lahat na lang favorite ko! Masarap kasi talaga lahat!) The burger was quite huge, so it's filling. The chicken fillet was thickly sliced, well-seasoned, and fried to have the ultimate crunchiness. The jalapeño-aoli sauce was deliciously tangy and that gave the chicken more burst of flavor. It went with with a hefty serving of their yummy fries.

Have some of my Peri Peri burger. YUMMMMM!!!!

Semi-freddo. THIS WAS CRAZY GOOD. It was my first time to try this type of semi-frozen dessert (as the name suggests), and it was love at first scoop! Its texture was pretty light, as compared to the typical gelato. I just googled what this dreamy dessert is all about and turns out, its light consistency is made from mixing two equal parts of ice cream and whipped cream! If cheese cake and ice cream made sweet, sweet love and had a baby, it would be Black Olive's version of the semi-freddo. The ice cream part tasted like cheesecake, and the added strawberry toppings just finished it off to heavenly perfection.

A lot of Black Olive's customers in the afternoon usually come from the working class of Ortigas.

The place was pretty packed for a weekday!

We ended our lunch with a huge cup of brewed Italian coffee. PERFETTO! 

I highly recommend you visit Black Olive with your family and friends! It's a great restaurant for delicious Italian dishes--plus, they serve draft beer (local, imported, and flavored), signature cocktails, and of course great wines by the bottle (or glass) too. I suggest you prepare around PhP 500-800 to enjoy a full lunch meal, or around PhP 800-1000 for dinner, since their Out To Lunch menu is only available from 11am to 3pm.

Connect with Black Olive on facebook to know more about the food they offer and their latest promos and schedules (specially this coming Holy Week)! Follow them on Instagram and twitter too! Hope you enjoyed this food review! Let us know if you actually visited the place. Give us your feed back!

Plump love,