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We're back as guest judges with Ryan Agoncillo and Bella Padilla

Backstage with Bella and Tito Sotto!

We got so excited to see Bitoy's dance number to open the segment!!! He's got such great positive energy! :)

WOOT! Got to take photos with Michael V. (Bitoy), Joey, and Tito! We still want a group shot with Vic Sotto though!

We had the chance to chat with Julia Clarete before leaving. She's such a body positive host, she even shared with us the negative comments she gets for being too thin. Just goes to show that body shaming isn't exclusive fat girls. Even thin girls get nasty remarks about their weight too! We'll be doing an online interview with her so watch out for that!

Danah and I are still overwhelmed with happiness for all the great opportunities God has been giving us. Though we've always had big dreams for ourselves as advocates, watching it all unfold right before our eyes brings us so much excitement and joy! We've always believed this advocacy will take us places, but it's still so surprising now that we're actually experiencing it!

We've never doubted what we stand for, although we have been given talks by our own family and colleagues (back when I was working for a corporation) that being an advocate isn't enough to live and survive in this world. But you see, I am passionate about what we do. I know deep in my heart that this calling, to show women their real beauty and worth, is something beyond us—it's one that has been crafted by our Maker intricately in our souls as our purpose on earth—and that's what makes us continue to fight for body acceptance in this country. Sure, we have struggles financially sometimes as free lancers and advocates, but knowing that we make such a huge impact in women's lives is truly an extraordinary fulfilment no amount of money can buy.

As we continue to be guest judges of FHHM, we really hope that the viewers and contestants listen to our comments and take it to heart, because what we say are things that matter, things that can slowly strike a chord in the souls of Filipinos to make them eventually fully realize that THERE IS BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY and HEALTH AT EVERY SIZE. We agreed to be on the show to bravely speak our minds and slowly educate the masses when it comes to demolishing fat discrimination. We also hope that the girls who join the contest get rid of the mentality that the only way to be funny or pleasing to the masses is to make a mockery out of their own selves. Fat girls have so much to offer. Let's make the most out of FHHM by showing its viewers that big girls are beautiful not only for their faces, but as a whole person—body, personality, talent, character, and intelligence included.

Again, we'll never ever stop being grateful to every one of you who believed in us, who showed us your support from day one, and who, until today, consistently cheers us on as we venture on after one great endeavor to the next.

From the bottom of our big, fat hearts, WE THANK YOU, AND WE LOVE ALL OF YOU DEARLY. :)


Wednesday, August 20

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Dear Sharon (or Tita Shawie),

(I really don't know how to address you, but I just want to say you're one of the celebrities I respect and love in the industry. I haven't seen you in public yet, because if I had, I would have shamelessly asked for a photo with you!)

Hi! We read the heart-felt message you posted on your Facebook page just 2 days ago, August 18.

I'm gonna get blunt and go straight to the point of my response to your letter, mainly addressing the part of you being apologetic about getting fat and staying fat. (If you want to read the entire post, click here.)

The Lord has humbled me in so many ways... I have nothing to lose by telling you that I have made mistakes that have affected all that I have worked for, bled for over the past thirty-six years. 
In my desire to venture into new territory and broaden my world, with the intention of giving you, my fans, supporters, and friends the rest of the best of me that I still had left, I made certain decisions that in the end, turned out to be of the wrong kind. 
I feel that I have let you down. I let myself go, I allowed myself to get fat and stay fat. I became complacent... and I never lost faith in God, and in you, but I ignored the fact that I had lost faith in myself. It was I who let myself become affected by the fact that I had turned forty, not my public. 
In "The Biggest Loser," I even said that I used to be everyone's sweetheart, and then I turned forty, and I felt it all changed. I knew then but chose to deny to myself that it wasn't that I had turned forty... It was that I had allowed myself to become fat. I feel that I had lost that "hunger" to be on top of my industry, maybe because I finally had a peaceful home and a loving family and focused on my children so much. And so I suffered the consequences of failing to treasure and take care of all that God had blessed me with with regard to my career. It IS my fault, my friends. I am only human.

First of all, I commend your courage to bare your heart and soul to the public in regard to your personal issues. It takes bravery and strength to get raw and admit your mistakes, and for that, I salute you. I know for a fact that no matter how sincere you are, no matter how you share your emotional state genuinely to the public (READ: especially the internet), there will always be some who are just too close-minded to really get the heart of your message, due to their own prejudices and perspective on things. I say do not mind them, for there are those types of people who couldn't help but throw rocks at things that shine. I do feel that you are very real with the words you have expressed, and of all the women out here on the internet, I for one am very honest to say that I can relate to your body-image and health issues as an advocate of body acceptance, and as a woman who have conquered eating disorders.

Before I proceed to my sincere response to the letter you wrote, I am hoping that as an advocate, you read this with an open mind and an open heart. Let my reply spark something positive within your spirit to uplift you, and allow this letter to plant seeds about the principles of body acceptance and body love in your heart. May this commence a peaceful relationship with your body, and may you enjoy your journey towards radical self-love in the years to come if ever you decide to commit to it. :)

Okay, here it goes.

Sharon, I want to apologize for the type of industry we have—one that sends a message that physical appearance reigns king over everything else—may it be talents, wits, creativity, or personality. I am sorry that in the decades you've spent in crafting yourself as an artist before the eyes of the public, you have forgotten that you are more than your body, and I know it's not your fault.

I do get the frustration you have with yourself, as you've said it is your fault for letting yourself go "by getting fat and staying fat". First of all, I honestly believe you don't have to apologize for "losing the hunger to be on top of your industry", when in reality you only changed your focus from being an actress and singer to being a mother who is present for her children. You just shifted priorities, and I am strongly convinced there is nothing wrong with that. I just feel terrible that you feel terrible for not making your looks your number one priority and how you're linking its negative effect to your career, when in reality, the fruits it bore are priceless and what everyone longs for—a peaceful home and a loving family.

Secondly, I strongly believe you do not owe your public an apology.

With all due respect, I think you should give your fans some credit. I think a great number of your loyal followers after all these years (together with all my relatives who are proud Sharonians) fell in love with you because you have amazing talent and striking charisma with people. In my own opinion, the way you are adored by hundreds of thousands of Filipinos (and foreigners!) really has nothing to do with your body size; it has everything to do with your character, your passion, your charm, and your talents. Sure, there are people with shallow mindsets who may have idolized you for the way you look, but do you really want to reduce ALL that you are, ALL your talents and capabilities, your ENTIRE being, to a body that's only worthy to be looked at? Is that what you really want to be admired and known for?

I was going through a mid-life crisis, the effects of which I could never have foreseen. My reaction to it was awful; I became rebellious because I hated myself for the way I looked and the time I continued to waste by not focusing and working on bettering my own person. And each time I rebelled, often offending other people by being inconsiderate of their time and all else that I used to respect in and about them, I just felt worse and worse about myself. I was not "me." I hit mid-life and didn't know how to deal with it. I was lost. And then when I got used to it, I saw what had changed around me. And I didn't know what else to do then but what I knew best to do to cope with any bad situation in my life: WORK, NEVER STOPPING, WORK LIKE A ROBOT... It was okay when I loved what I was doing. It wasn't okay when I felt my "gifts" weren't being used to the fullest, or correctly, or even at all. So this became a vicious cycle. Ignoring that I had gained so much weight and therefore had limited myself to certain movie roles when there was so much more I wanted to do... And forgetting that as I was doing all this, time was passing me by.
It has taken me a while to take stock of my life and what has happened to me in the last few years. I will not make any promises to you this time. But this I can say: I am going back to basics.

I understand that you let yourself go. I'm assuming maybe you stopped working on your fitness and became accustomed to an unhealthy lifestyle. I am not quite sure, because you didn't specify in your post. But I do understand hating the way you look and allowing this strong, negative emotion to get the best of you, to the point that it's self-destructive. I have been there, and in the end, I had to make a commitment to do whatever it takes to make decisions that will make me like and love myself. Because if there's one person I cannot get away from, that is me. So I had to eradicate all the negative feelings and thoughts I had towards me (like how I'm never gonna be good enough or genuinely happy if I'm fat), and learn how to accept who I am. I realized that I'm going to spend an entire lifetime with myself and this body, so I might as well work hard on liking myself and this flesh I've been blessed with.

Here are some questions I think you should reflect on... Are you only pleased with yourself when people are pleased with how you look? 

Who do you really owe your health and fitness to? Is it to your body and yourself? Or to your fans?

This might be a bold thing to say, but Sharon, you don't need to apologize about your body to anyone. The only person you owe an apology to is yourself.

You say you have let yourself go, and that is not what our blog, The Plump Pinay, is advocating for. However, what I've been fighting and educating our readers for (for 5 years now) is genuine self-love—one that is unconditional, one that is forgiving. If you have been self-destructive with your ways because of your self-hate, then you may want to start working on forgiving yourself. Let the opinions of other people about your size or your weight be white noise. Getting back to basics also means putting yourself first. One of the things I did when I started my journey towards body love coming from an eating disorder (Anorexia-Bulimia) is to be grateful for my body. Maybe you can do the same. Dig deep in your own soul and count all the wonderful things your body has done for you. Reminisce all the beautiful memories you've had with it. Thank it for creating life and bearing wonderful children. You say your current size is an effect of you placing importance on your home and family that is now abundant with peace and love. Now isn't that something worth celebrating? I'm not implying that you continue letting yourself go. I'm just saying that the desire to be a better version of you health-wise is something that you should want for you and you alone—not for your fans or your public.

Don't get too caught up with the aesthetics. There is no long term fulfilment with the success of losing weight merely to change how your body looks on the outside, when on the contrary your insides are suffering. Look after your body with tender loving care, because it's the only one you've got. Let your focus be on your health, not on your weight. There is health at every size. Find a workout you enjoy. Getting fit doesn't equate to torturing your body by depriving it of food and overdoing exercises. Find a workout that you love to do—something you really enjoy so you can keep going back to it. Take it one day at a time, and pace your body. The more you focus on fitness and not thinness, the more your body will surprise you of the amazing things it can do for you. Give your body time to adapt to the physical changes and let it adjust to its natural size. Start seeing your body as a beautiful and powerful instrument that allows you to create, to sing, to share your passion to the world, and most of all, to be a great mother to your children.

You said you limited yourself to certain roles because you gained weight, and that really makes me sad. If I were a big celebrity (figuratively and literally) who's had prestigious awards and recognition because of what I can do, I wouldn't let myself be confined to the stereotypical roles given to big girls in the industry. I mean, you're THE MEGA STAR! You're THE SHARON CUNETA! You have so much talent and greatness in you than be minimized to clichéd fat girl roles. I do know how stereotypical castings can get here in this country, but given how much of a following you have and how well-known you are, you can use the body you have now to break the stereotypes our media has labeled on fat women. I just don't think that your weight gain should be a hindrance from the roles you do deserve, the roles you really want for yourself. You're a brilliant artist. It's such a shame that you're limiting yourself of all that you can do just because of your size (as you've stated).

Have you heard of the TV show Drop Dead Diva? Or The Mindy Project? These are shows in the U.S. that are doing a great job of representing plus size women in a positive light. As confident, successful, and happy human beings who have something great to offer to the world. Far from the typical mommy, auntie, yaya roles that we see in local shows and movies. I believe (together with all of your fans) you have more than what it takes to do that here in our country. Be the game changer. Being a woman with your stature and influence, you can help our society change the way they see big-bodied women. I really do believe you can go after roles that are bold for a fat woman to take—ones that can refresh our culture's views on body image, AND STILL be able to pull it off impeccably. You can be a great inspiration to me and all the other big Pinays who are sick of seeing women of the same body type be constrained, when we all know we're just as capable as any other "regular-sized" female.

You are a beautiful woman inside and out Sharon, and a lot of people know that. There are already so many people in our society today who are slowly but surely embracing the reality that there is beauty in diversity. I hope you see that in yourself too, now that you're back on your feet to strive to be the best person you can be. The media may keep reinforcing their one-sided beauty standards on us, but I'd like to believe that a lot of women know better than to fall for it anymore. Since we know that we're made fearfully and wonderfully by our Creator, we accept that we all come in different shapes and sizes, and it's something to be proud of. This is what makes us, as human beings, interesting—the fact we're so unique from one another makes us incomparable from each other.

I hope you learn how to love yourself fully, no matter what that number on the scale shows. I hope you can start celebrating YOU and YOUR WONDERFUL BODY and stop being apologetic to other people for being fat. If you have a problem with your body, may you have the discernment to deal with it in a loving and healthy way. If other people feel "let down" simply because you gained weight, then they're not your real fans. They're mere observers who have been brainwashed to think that a person's size defines them, and that's such an extremely shallow mindset to have.

As I end my letter, I just want to remind you that whatever your size is, your relationship with God, your character, your talents, and your strengths are things that can never be taken away from you. May these things continue to be the foundation of your identity, because they bring about greater impact than your physical appearance. You are far more worth than your size and weight. You, as an artist, should never be limited by your size. You have hundreds of thousands of supporters, all rooting for you and cheering you on as you venture on being victorious over your struggles and focusing on all the blessing you have in your life.

Please, don't ever apologize to the masses for the way you look again. :) The way I see it, big women like us are the ones who deserve an apology from our cruel society, for stereotyping us, for overlooking what we have to offer, and for reducing our capabilities based on their own narrow-minded prejudices against fat people.

Here's to new beginnings! God bless you, Sharon! :)


P.S. We hope this letter reaches you. We would love to meet you and get to know you in person! If you have anything to say, whatever it is (whether negative or positive), it would be great to hear from you. Kindly feel free to contact us via email at

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We've been wanting to feature this delightful, 2-story French restaurant for quite a while now, because not a lot of people in our city know about it and it deserves to have more patrons. My mom discovered La Creperiê (and has raved about it ever since) while we were strolling around Shangri-La (an older branch) and saw a chic, pop-up restaurant in the middle of the mall's wing.

After trying out their crepes and tea (they only serve TWG), we've been instant fans! This is why we're so stoked when we found out they opened a branch near our place! Now we can have our crepes and hot cocoa fix anytime we want!

The details of this place is amazing. Everything was well-thought of and meticulously hand-picked, so as to give their customers the complete Parisian feels. 

I absolutely love that this place brings about another atmosphere. The moment you enter, the interiors, lighting, music, and aroma instantly paints a picture of what it feels like to sip hot tea in a small, casual yet classy French joint. It makes me want to bring my poodle and walk in wearing a beret!

I also had the privilege to personally chat with one of the owners, Ms. Cheese Ledesma-Ong, and talked about how this concept and themed restaurant came to life. 

What made you conceptualize La Creperiê (LC)? How did this idea come about? We used to own Big Chill so we were thinking of a concept that would use fruits as well. In addition, my partner, Christine, spent a year of college living in Paris with a French family so that started her love for all things French. 

How old is LC? It's already 5 years old.

How many branches does LC have? Do you plan to add some more? If so, where? We have 6 branches. Each one has a unique French inspired design but carries the same menu. Yes, we plan to have more branches if we find ideal locations.

What did you envision LC to be? A casual dining, neighborhood hangout that is comfortable and cozy but nothing pretentious. 

Why a French cafe? There are a lot of French cafes in the Metro, but few authentic French creperies.

What are your recommendations/favorites? Fontina Gallette, Le J.J., Butter Sugar and Lemon, Coq au Vin, and our French Onion Soup.

What is unique about LC? It is authentic but local, classy yet casual, and premium but affordable.
Now on to the glorious food! :)

Salad Lyonnaise
I love that the bacon is cooked to perfection and not too salty. The dressing is light but very tasty and it adds the right amount of zest to the entire dish. I also love that the egg is poached which makes it light.

Quattro Formages (Galettes de Sarrasin)
Our all-time favorite! Their Galettes de Sarrasin are considered main dishes. These are authentic French savory crepes made with 100% imported buck wheat flour, gluten-free. The Quattro Formages has Gorgonzola, Fontina, Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese with roasted garlic, mushrooms and arugula. Now tell me if that doesn't sound delicious.

Stacy wearing her tiger Swap Watch while waiting for more food
Shrimp Aligue with Lemon Zest
Al dente spaghetti pasta with crab roe, olive oil, roasted garlic and lemon zest. The garlic bread is a winner too!

Premium Wagyu Beef Burger
One word: PERFECTION! Even the fries are good (not greasy, made from real potatoes, and crisp to the bite)! Thanks to the awesome and very friendly manager for suggesting we add melted cheese to this incredibly sumptuous dish.

Wearing my personalized Swap Watch (I personally sent them that unicorn image for my watch face)

The plates and cups are so dainty!

Strawberry Mango Jubilee
THIS IS SO GOOD. TOO GOOD, ACTUALLY! We love that the flavor of the rum is very light, because Cafe Breton's version of this just too strong. The fruits are very sweet and the crepe is cooked to fluffy and chewy perfection. 

Oreo Cookies and Cream
A must for every cookies and cream lover. Look at it! It's insane!

My bare happy face!

We'll definitely come back for their mouth-watering and delectable dishes and drinks! You can even make your own crepe if you can't choose from 20 of their signature sweet crepes! :) Check their menu here

My only suggestion would be to set up a wi-fi for their customers who want to study or work, since their area is relaxing, quiet, and very neat—conducive to reading and writing especially during day time. Nonetheless, everything else is perfect to me. ;)

We would like to say merci beaucoup to Ms. Cheese and Angelito, the branch manager, for having us! Dining at La Creperiê is always a pleasure! 

Plump love,

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poster credit: Alyanna Dela Cruz

As we strive to create a body positive community for all women, we invite you to Fitsycal Friday, our very first workout party! We aim to make every body enjoy and pursue fitness because we believe that there is health at every size, so this gathering will be a celebration of ALL BODIES!

We want you to leave your consciousness and insecurities behind, as we use our bodies as instruments and sweat to a funky disco workout in OneLife Studio, Makati! 

Our fitspiration and co body-image warriors, will be partying with us too!
Rona Samson—fitness junkie and owner of Be Amaz1ng workout apparel
Michele Gumabao—celebrity volleyball player and PBB All In contestant
Pat Martinez—choreographer and The Biggest Loser Philippines contestant

OneLife Studio, Makati
We only have VERY LIMITED slots so register now! Contact details are posted above. 
We accept payment via BPI Savings deposit.

Registration fee of PhP 500 includes: 1 hour workout session, food and drinks, loot bag, raffle stubs

Raffle prizes care of our sponsors:
Gadgets from TechBox Philippines
Make Up Loot Bags from Wet N' Wild
Gift Certificates from Azta Urban Salon
Gift Certificates from Lulu Nails
Gift Certificates from Ahavia Lounge Spa
Gift Certificates from BeAmaz1ng
Surprise prizes from OneLife Studio
and so much more!


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With the boom of nail spas all over the metro, one must create an ambiance of relaxation with the right amount of glamour for it to stand out. We discovered Nail Spa when we stayed in Azumi Hotel a couple of months back, as it was located right beside the hotel lobby. Its modern day shabby chic interiors caught our attention, as the entire place was inviting and very cozy.

Lovin' the color palette of their sofas!

I have thing for chandeliers.

Every detail matters--from the lighting to the decors!

I am so ready for my me time!

The storage of their tools and products was quite impressive. The sanitation of their nail clippers and pushers were nifty too, as these were sealed in a plastic bag and the manicurists opened it right in front of us.

Only high quality nail lacquers are allowed here!

With my forever date!

Their nail technicians were well-groomed, attentive and friendly. The service here is so awesome! We availed the foot spa and manicure combo. Their scrub was soothing and their masks were so relaxing and minty! They also give you a leg massage which made me really sleepy.

We highly recommend you visit their branch in Azumi Hotel, Alabang. They won't disappoint. ;)

Tadaaah! My big, bright and well-groomed nails.

Like Nail Spa on Facebook and book a pampering appointment ASAP! :)

Plump love,