Monday, July 28

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WE ARE FINALLY DOING IT!!! We'll be having our first make-up workshop this August 16, Saturday, from 1PM to 5PM! :) A lot of our followers have been asking us to do make up tutorials, so this is going to be an intimate session where Stacy and I will be helping you enhance your natural beauty. We will be teaching you the basics of day to night looks, and it will be really fun! :)

As a body-image warrior, I personally enjoy the artistic side of make up, but still check myself just so I don't fall into the "I-can't-go-out-without-make-up" mindset. Stacy and I are very comfortable showing our bare faces because we do not want to rely on cosmetics to feel great about our looks. We are doing this workshop for women who want to learn the basics for a daily make up routine.

We want you to have the liberty to choose the brands that suit your skin and preference best, so we'll just give you a list on what to bring for the event, with our own personal preferences just to give you an idea.

  • Foundation (we use Maybelline's BB Stick)
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Primer (optional)
  • Concealer (we use Cinema Secrets)
  • Press power or loose powder (we use Maybelline's Clear Smooth cake powder)
  • Brow pencil (we use Billion Dollar brows)
    • Make sure it matches your hair color
  • Brow mascara (we use Dolly Wink)
    • Make sure it matches your hair color
  • Contour (we use The Balm's Bahama Mama)
    • It must be 2 shades darker than your skin tone. DO NOT USE A BRONZER FOR THIS.
  • Highlighter (we use a loose white pigment from Michiko)
    • It must be 2 shades lighter than your skin tone; you can use a beige, pearly eyeshadow as a substitute.
  • Lipsticks (1 natural shade, 1 darker or bolder shade)
    • Better if you use matte or cream type
  • Blush powder (we use Smashbox)
  • Eyeshadow palette 
    • Quads are a good way to start, but please opt for neutral tones such as browns.
  • Mascara (we use Cover Girl's Rocket VolumExpress)
  • White eyeliner (we use Cinema Secrets)
  • Liquid liner (optional)
  • Make up brushes 
    • 12-piece make up brush sets are perfect for a beginner's kit.
  • Make up remover wipes
  • Ear buds
  • Eyelash curler
  • Headband/hair tie 
  • Alcohol (in a mini spray bottle)
  • Tissue
  • Lipbalm

Side note: we don't expect you to buy new items. If you have a make up kit we can build on, the better! :)

We suggest you go to a department store's cosmetics section and check out the drug store brands (Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, in2it, E.L.F) for cheaper alternatives, but similar qualities. Locally, Nichido has good brow pencils and eyeliner, while Fanny Serrano Cosmetics has good contour and foundation powders. Ever Bilena has promising lipstick shades that are very up to date.

If you're interested, please contact the number listed on the poster (0917 810 6352). The prices are also indicated above. Bring a friend and pay for a cheaper fee! We only have 15 slots available, and we expect a packed room full of fun and bubbly women, eager to learn! There will also be raffle prizes for the participants! It will be a great and intimate workshop for sure! We love meeting and knowing our followers on a personal level. We hope you get to spend this special day with us! :)

Vera Studios is located at The Manila Collectible Co., which is right behind the Manila Cathedral, Intramuros, just right across La Casteilaya Cafe. 

We are so excited! Reserve a slot now! :)

Plump love,

Saturday, July 26

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The weather has been cool lately and we're really enjoying dressing for the season. :)

Here are some of our casual outfits the past weekend. 

What I wore:
random white shirt || random grey leggings || Payless shoes || Balenciaga bag || random pearl earrings
Lovisa "believe" necklace || @hijabloveetc scarf (Intagram)

What Stacy wore:
@ExztraPlus top (Instagram) || Dorothy Perkins jeggings || Doc Martens || random scarf || Rolex watch

Friday, July 25

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Dear Daughter,

I hope you never notice the magazine rack at the supermarket.
I hope you never see the billboards on the highway or the ads on the side of the city bus.
I hope you never learn about Hollywood and the fashion industry.
I hope you never listen to pop music.
I hope you never walk down the makeup aisle.
I hope you never hate your own appearance.
I hope you never pick up the habit of putting yourself down whenever someone compliments you.
I hope you never feel the pressure to physically conform to the perverse standards of a disordered world.
I hope you always stay exactly as you are right now. Innocent, carefree, unencumbered, pure.

But these could only be the hopes of a foolish idealist like your Dad. I can rub the genie lamp and make a thousand stupid wishes, but you will grow. You will start to learn about the culture that surrounds you. You will form opinions about yourself. Your vivacious, bubbly happiness will give way to more complex emotions. You will develop new dimensions.

In these times, here in your very early life, you only cry because you’re hungry or tired or you want me to hold you. One day, though, your tears will come from a deeper place.
And, when that day comes, I want you to remember one thing: you are beautiful.

Beautiful. A work of art — full of life, exploding with a unique, dynamic, vibrant energy.
Beautiful. Eyes like the morning, a strong and powerful spirit, a face that brims with joy and hope. Beautiful because you were formed by God. Beautiful because He has known you since before you even existed, He has loved you since the beginning of time. Beautiful because you’re real, beautiful because you are.

Remember this. It’s important that you remember it, Julia, as you live in a society that’s dedicated to making you forget.

Those commercials and movies and songs and cosmetic products and plastic surgeons and diet pills and trendy clothes and Cosmo magazine covers — they will all try to feed you something. An image. A broken promise. A false salvation. A poison. An airbrushed, manufactured, painted over, photoshopped, marketing ploy. A ‘sexiness’ that’s about as beautiful and feminine as an assembly line. A ‘hot’ that’s more sterile and processed than canned food.

This is the price of living in a culture of consumerism. We all pay the toll, Julia. Your Dad included.
See, modern humans spend every waking minute surrounded by advertisements and product placements and carefully crafted, focus grouped ‘messaging’ of all kinds. It tears you in a million different directions, but the lesson is always the same: you are not good enough. You need to be ‘improved,’ they’ll tell you. Demolished and rebuilt. Shamed and made over. Pulverized and perfected.
They pull out their metaphorical shotguns and blow giant holes in your psyche. They hollow you out and convince you that they’ve got the right thing to plug the gaps. They create a void in your conscience and pour their propaganda into it. This is why we have an unachievable, inhuman, digitized idea of beauty in our society. We’ve fallen for the ultimate scam, and the scammers have reaped dividends.

A little while ago, around your mom’s birthday, I had the crazy idea that I would attempt to purchase her some clothing items as part of a gift. By the way, you can tell that your Dad is a very hip and trendy dude, seeing as how he just used the phrase “purchase some clothing items.” Anyway, my quest was unsuccessful — not to mention bewildering and terrifying — but I feel like I was enlightened by the journey. Apparently, the shops in the mall have collectively determined that every woman is a size zero and none of them care about dressing modestly (I still don’t understand how there can even be such a thing as a ‘size zero’ — all human beings must, according to physics, have some mass, right?).
Of course, these stores are wrong. Most women aren’t rail thin and many of them aren’t interested in dressing like music video back-up dancers. You just wouldn’t know it based on the selection at these boutiques, which, it would seem, have a clientele consisting mainly of mannequins and runway models.
I guess I’ve learned to take a few things for granted. As a guy, I can walk into any clothing store and find something that A) fits, and B) provides my body with basic coverage, which is the whole reason clothing exists in the first place, according to Wikipedia. As you will eventually discover, women have an entirely different experience. For them, even something as simple as clothes shopping becomes an all out assault on their values, priorities, and body image.

And women aren’t the only victims. Men might not be chasing Hollywood beauty, but we have our own unreasonable expectations, imposed on us by ourselves and the world outside. We all — men and women alike — feel the pressure to present a façade. We all want to appeal to the masses. It’s like we’re locked in this eternal competition to be beautiful, or popular, or successful, or whatever, except we set our bar for beauty, popularity, and success according to the standards of the very strangers we’re trying to ‘beat.’ We want to be like everyone, and liked by everyone, but also better than everyone. This parallel battle for sameness and superiority wreaks havoc upon our souls, and the damage can sometimes be irreparable.

It’s gotten worse now with the internet and social media. The struggle to impress our peers has invaded and consumed every minute of our lives. Julia, please understand this: of the entire population of the planet, only an infinitesimal percentage of them will ever be more than anonymous to you. Only the tiniest fraction will ever give you more than a passing glance. You should still love and respect these strangers, but you don’t need to impress them. Be a beacon of charity and truth to everyone, but you don’t need to worry about the opinions and judgments of every single person you happen across on the street.

It doesn’t really matter how they feel about you, yet many of us want to be desirable to everyone, even and especially those we don’t know. We want them to feel something when they look our way. Feel what? I don’t know. Envy. Admiration. Inferiority. A combination of all three, I suppose. We certainly can’t allow them to carry on with their day feeling better, or more attractive, or smarter, or more successful.

A silly way to live, isn’t it? We gain nothing from it, Julia. We do everything we can to impress the unknown faces in the crowd, and where does that get us? Nobody really cares in the end, anyway. Those faces are likely immersed in their own self-absorbed psychological vacuums, and whatever impression we make on them will dissipate as soon as we leave their line of sight.
We’ve all become like puffs of smoke to each other, evaporating just as quickly as we appear.
It’s a vicious, violent, tormenting cycle, and I don’t want you to be a part of it.
I’ll do whatever it takes to see to that, although honestly, I’m not sure what it will take, exactly.
Maybe Mom and I can just hold you close and love you.
Will that be enough?

And maybe I can just keep reminding you that you’re beautiful, even now, when you can’t really understand what I’m saying. Maybe if I say it often enough, you’ll believe me.
Will you always believe me?

I hope so. I pray so.

Remember, Mom and Dad are two of the very few people on Earth who will tell you the truth about yourself. The truth that, from your first moments in this world, you’ve been like a vision, full of warmth and light. You don’t need to be photoshopped or edited or remade or made up, and you never will. You don’t need a “touch-up” or a “correction.” You were molded by the hands of God and given to us as a gift from Paradise. You don’t need to add fad diets, expensive shoes, and forty layers of makeup to the package.

You will meet a lot of people in this world, and many of them are out to take something from you or sell something to you. So they’ll try to attack your self-image, suffocate your confidence, make you vulnerable, and seize whatever it is they want.

That’s the game.
Never play it.
That’s the lie.
Never believe it.
Never believe it.

I’ll protect you for as long as I can, Julia, but the day will come when I can no longer shield you from it all.

That’s why I wrote this letter. For the times when the pressures of the world — the constant, deafening din, screaming “you’re not pretty enough, you’re not good enough” — become a little too heavy to shoulder. Whether it’s 7 years from now, or 17, or 70 — whenever you need a reminder, here it is:
You’re beautiful.


***this is a repost from Matt Walsh's blog

Monday, July 21

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Since the rainy season calls for staying in and vegging out at home—well, at least for us—we're sharing our own list of fun activities that we like doing to keep boredom at bay! It's fun to have a twin sister who I can get bored with. We get to come up with things to entertain ourselves with. Woot!

Cook comfort food. Danah is at the stage of her twenties where she's all of a sudden a #practicingwife (check her instagram, she really owned this hashtag), hence being a cook in our kitchen. I'm not complaining though, because just when all of the dark skies were looming and rain was pouring as Glenda was about to hit our country, she decided to cook some creamy chicken sopas with broccoli and carrots. I must admit, it was unbelievably good. The bed weather is the perfect season to have a nice bowl of champorado, arrozcaldo, or whatever hot soupy food you can think of. Take advantage of it!

By who, you ask? Myself. 

Go sing your heart out! No need to spend money on buying a Magic Mic. No need to rush out of the house to head to a KTV place too! Whenever we're bored, one of our favorite activity is to go on Youtube, search for karaoke channels, and rock out to our favorite songs! Besides, it's already raining cats and dogs, no one's gonna blame us for the outpour when we start singing! :P If you have a smart TV or an HDMI cable to plug your computer to your TV, the better! Para legit ang karaoke experience. Here are some of our favorite songs to sing during the rainy days. Feel free to emote ng bonggang bongga! Rainy Days and Mondays by The Carpenters, It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion, and Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Play board games. Other than stocking up on food and candles and all of the emergency stuff for the occasional brown outs, I suggest spending for super fun board games for times when you're just stuck at home because of the weather. Our family loves to (bond) compete over board games—what can I say, we're a competitive bunch—whether it be Scattergories, Cranium, or Pictionary! We even make the losers treat dessert or coffee, after. It's really a fun way to pass the time, and also bring the family together. Plus, no internet connection and batteries are needed to play these games, so everyone can have a good time even when there's no electricity! If you're not that many to form teams, get creative! Play Pinoy Henyo, Charades, or our old school favorite—P.A.N.T.S. :P

Get moving, start sweating! Just because the weather is gloomy doesn't mean you have to sulk around on your butt all day. Fight the rainy day blues by getting active! I truly believe that getting fit doesn't need to cost much. In fact, all you need is a computer and a laptop to get moving! There are so many downloadable workouts you can try, and there's also Youtube with all the fitness channels you can watch for free! So get inside your hoodies and sneakers, and start sweating it out! Whether it's Zumba or Hip-hop Abs, find any workout you know you will enjoy and start releasing those happy hormones.

Make hot chocolate. It's such a rainy season cliché to sip on some warm cocoa while you hear the pitter patter of the raindrops outside. I revel moments where I can just stay in my jammies and enjoy a nice mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. I love it, as I am also a self-confessed chocolate freak. If you're trying to lessen your sugar intake, bring out your beautiful tea pots and have a tea party instead!

Feed your brain. Instead of scrolling and double tapping on your gadget for hourssssss to see what's up on your newsfeed (oh you know what I'm talking about), give your phone (or iPad, whatever) and your fingers some rest. Give your brain a little workout! Solve some puzzles or play mind games (literally). Catch up on your reading! When was the last time you committed to finish a really good book you've been putting off for months? There are so many ways to stimulate your brain to keep it mentally healthy and strong. Don't be so attached to your gadgets. You don't wanna be a dumb person with a smart phone. ;)

Be productive! Just because there's no electricity and school (or work) has been cancelled doesn't mean you have to stay on your butt all day and get bored. Why not use this opportunity to get productive at home? Organize your schedule, clean out your closet, or gather all the shoes you haven't worn in ages and donate it to your church. Declutter! Don't be the person who's just keeping things for the sake of keeping, though you have no use for any of it anymore. Let go of some things. It'll do you good. ;)

Get in touch with your soul. Listen to worship music, or write on your gratitude journal (if you don't have one, start one!). Perhaps get to know God through reading the bible? Just help yourself release all your worries and your anxieties. Get in touch with your spirit. If you haven't prayed in a long time, pray. Talking to the One who made you doesn't have to be all fancy schmancy. Just be yourself. Talk like how you'd talk to your best friend. Lift all the concerns of your heart to God—may it be from your career, to your relationships, and your personal life. Just speak from the heart, and you'll be amazed at how nourishing this is for your soul. :)


Tuesday, July 15

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My twin sister and I on the July issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines

I was glad to respond when Cosmo asked me this question: Does body acceptance mean letting yourself go? 

Often times this is how people who do not take the time to study and understand the heart of our advocacy, twist our message. That is why even though I have my own convictions on why I don't read magazines, I agreed to write my piece for Cosmopolitan Philippines on this important question, as to give clarity on how this blog truly defines body love and get to preach to more women. 



Does body acceptance mean letting yourself go?

There's a current trend of body acceptance advocacies being promoted left and right, and with the birth of something unfamiliar comes the number of people who are skeptical about it. Though the main purpose of these body love gospels is to empower women to embrace their bodies no matter its size, shape, or weight, some people think that this message of loving and accepting your body is something harmful that only promotes obesity and unhealthiness, or is just an excuse to get lazy and stay fat.

Being pioneers of the first-ever body acceptance advocacy and blog in the country, we have heard it all. We've been accused as fat-enablers and lethargic fatties who are merely trying to justify our size. Although we understand that how fat (and everything related to it) is represented in the mainstream media through decades is one of the main reasons why they’d think so, we consider all these accusations as merely misinterpretations.

When we say it’s essential for every woman to love and accept her body, we mean for her to love it from the inside out, to nourish it well, and to take good care of it. We believe you don’t have to wait until you’ve forced your body to shrink to a certain size or look a certain way before it can finally deserve genuine TLC from you. Nope. We say love your body now. Not after x number of pounds lost or x number of sizes decreased. Love your body radically, and from this love should stem the strong desire to look after it. For ages, women have been too concerned with weight loss as the ultimate goal while dismissing the importance of health. This is why eating disorders are so rampant in teen-age girls (I developed anorexia-bulimia back when I was 16), because looks are prioritized way more than health, as evident in the unrealistic ideals that the media keeps feeding us through every photoshopped model we see. This is why our society refuses to believe that a plump body can be deemed as beautiful and healthy, even if the woman who owns it nourishes her body well and lives an active lifestyle.

We know for a fact that there is health at every size. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle and pursue fitness whether you’re a size 0 or 14, but this can only be attained with real body love—because hating yourself and your body for the way it looks only result to short-term and harmful methods to get thin.

You can love your body while changing it at the same time too. Change here means to change for the better in terms of health and fitness, versus to change your body because you despise the way it looks. Loving your body means never comparing it to others, because it is a fact that our diversity in how we look as women will never get standardized, as much as the media deceives us to believe. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and that’s how we are meant to be. Loving your body means embracing what you are now, fat or skinny, and making better choices with the food you fuel it with, wearing nice clothes that would make you proud of your beautiful figure, and relishing every activity you can do with it.

This is what genuine body love is. Love nourishes, love protects, love celebrates, and love forgives. Now if you translate this as letting yourself go, then you don’t really have a problem with our body love advocacy. Your problem is how you define love.

Monday, July 14

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After our Hansel event, we headed straight to Greenbelt 5. It was our first time to eat at Mr. Jones! We love diners, and we're happy that this seems legit and promising. The beautiful structure and interior of the restaurant already gives you the feeling that Mr. Jones is all about the entire dining experience, more than the food they serve.

The '50s vibe of this place is totally on point! 


The courteous servers gave us magazines while waiting for our orders.

Everything about this place, even the little knick knacks, are so fifties vintage! Impressive!

Trivia: Mr.  Jones is the restaurant owner's favorite Counting Crows song when he was in high school!

They serve a good variety of yummy cakes, from the classic Red Velvet to their own signature Toblerone torte!

Danah kept winning, mainly because her bars got handles. Hirap ng wala! LOL

The Green Garden, where every ingredient they used is fresh—arugula, organic mixed greens, grapes, cherry tomatoes, ripe oranges, kalamata olives, feta cheese, shallots, toasted sesame walnuts. It was served tossed with herb-rapsberry-walnut dressing, and it was served with extra dressing on the side. Maybe because they know it's the perfect mix of light, sweet, and tangy, you'll need more.

Lip Lickin' Seafood Bites n' Chews & Truffle Disco Beef Gravy and Cheese Fries

Must-eat! The coating is light, and the seafood mix includes all our favorites: cream dory fillet, prawns, and calamari. This is served with 4 types of dipping sauces: caper lemon dill butter, roasted bell peppers with pesto, classic tartar topped with caviar, and vinegar. 

Must-eat too! The word disco in this dish's name is perfect, because it's a party in your mouth! Imagine freshly fried fries and melt-in-your-mouth beef smothered with wild mushroom gravy and fondue cheese, drizzled with truffle oil. DAMN. Describing it made me crave!

Wicked Truffled Mac n' Cheese. 3 types of macaroni + 4 types of cheeses + double smoked bacon, baby Portabello mushrooms, and green peas. WICKED INDEED. It's very cheesy but not salty, creamy with a hint of truffle. Eating this reminded me of my high school days. There was a period when all I'd eat was mac and cheese after coming home from school! 

Jone's Famous U.S. Ribcap Tapa. Their best-seller! I love a good tapsilog, and this is probably the best I've had (so far). I don't wanna describe how good it tastes because it may not do justice. Just try it yourself, and thank me later. ;)

Toblerone Torte. Layers of Toblerone chocolate cream, caramel bits, and meringue. It's really good and it easily melts in your mouth. Perfectly sweet and light.

Ending our meal with Twinning's strawberry mango infused tea! The chocnut bars add a sweet touch!

One visit to Mr. Jones is enough to keep you coming back for more. Their menu is pretty loaded with good ol' American comfort food that are surely scrumptious! 

Visit any day you like! They are open from 11 am to 12 midnight, daily. Mr. Jones is a perfect dining place for everyone! From family dinners, to amiga lunch dates, there is always something for everyone in this joint. If you enjoy drinking wine, their menu also offers a good list from cheap to fancy bottles!

It's official, Danah and are in love Mr. Jones! :) Follow them on facebook here!


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Not this Hansel. 

This Hansel.

View from Rebisco's office. NICE!
Last Friday, Rebisco invited us to an intimate limousine party of their prime brand, Hansel Premium.

The pretty chandelier at the Oakwood lounge. 
I really am fascinated with hanging lights! *eyes twinkle*

Hansel Premium's Brand Manager, Marian Alvero, sharing with us some facts about their product. It's currently being distributed and well-received in Japan, Dubai, and other parts of the world! 

If you're a fan of Combos, I think you'll love this!!! 
It's not as salty and hard, and the cheese filling is very as tasty.

SOOO GOOD! And one box costs less than P40!

Having tea while waiting for the limo to arrive

Stacy with our new kitten friend, Yuki
Hansel Premium is available in two delicious flavors: peanut butter and cheese. Although I like the cheese biscuits better.


Check out our ride!

*Cue music: girls just wanna have fun*

With all the other bloggers!

HELLO MANILA!!! Haha, charing! People from outside kept taking pictures of the limo as we went around Ortigas. It was insane!

The event was fun and we got to meet new people and discuss a lot of random topics with them. We even won the Hansel Premium game and got 2,000 worth of RusTan's GCs each! HAHA! :) Although there were some uncontrolled inconveniences during the event, everyone remained having a joyful disposition and the Rebisco team appeased their guests well. :)

(We're actually eating some Hansel right now as we post this. :D)

Plump love,