Thursday, January 29

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When we got a message from our alma mater's student activity coordinator/almost-tita, we couldn't be any happier!!! She was telling us how they've agreed to include us in their school fair's activities despite the fact that it's already been full months prior! We've actually personally requested Nivea to contact Colegio de Sta. Rosa Makati to be a part of our school tour, because we'd love to go back to our roots and discuss our passion and beliefs with them through our advocacy. Thankfully enough, things fell into place and we were able to visit our high school home once again!

Being in this campus is like traveling back in time!

Surprise! How sweet of our CSR family to give us a warm welcome! :)

Here we go!

We started the talk with fun games! The Roseñas definitely were a fun bunch! 
We were laughing our butts off the entire time!

Now onto our body love, skin care and lip care talk!
What Danah wore:
Dorothy Perkins top | Old Navy Skirt | Forever 21 shoes

Faces of the day!

with Miss Rita Ruivivar, CSR Makati's student activity coordinator

We had such a great time catching up with Ms. Rui (we're the only ones allowed to call her that! Hehe)—from reminiscing our good ol' high school days to our "love lives" and preferences in men, it's always just so fun to have real, fun and genuine conversations with people we look up to. 

What Stacy wore:
Cotton On blazer | Dorothy Perkins polo | F21+ jeans | Palladium shoes | Rolex watch

Our sweet friends visited and watched us! So blessed to have seen these two girls in the audience! :)

It's so exhilarating when we're given the opportunity to give back to an institution that helped us become the women that we are today. Our formative years were definitely crucial in shaping us to who we are today. I'm just so grateful that my high school has been a wonderful space for me to grow and learn so much. We're so grateful to our CSR Makati family for always welcoming us with open arms. We'll always be proud to be Roseñas!

Plump love,

Thursday, January 22

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Yesterday was pretty eventful!

We had a scheduled shoot with MadHouse MNL so we headed to SM Jazz first to get our hair treated and blown in Azta Urban Salon. :)

Initially I asked if I can get their NouNouPak treatment which is perfect nourishment for dry and frizzy hair, but I was told it was unavailable. Azta's manager suggested I try their lycopene treatment which is a deep conditioning treatment that also adds shine and luster to colored treated hair. I said sure, and I was happy I tried it! The lycopene mixture felt really refreshing to the scalp—cold and minty. I ended up feeling relaxed after the treatment specially after getting a nice head massage before the rinse. :)

Here's our looks! Loving our newly treated and shiny 'dos! :) Danah and I did our own makeup for the shoot—experimented with brown and deep red shades for my eye makeup and used L.A. Colors lip pencil on my lips! Shade of this one is called "Smooth Plum." Danah played with purple and whites for her eyes and wore "Prague" NYX soft matte cream on her lips.

Getting my model mojo on for the camera! LOL
Dorothy Perkins top | Forever 21 Plus jeans | Payless strappy heels

On Danah:
Dorothy Perkins top | Forever 21 faux leather jeggings | Comfit (Payless) heels

Le twin

Can't wait to release the official photos from our portfolio! :) Here's a teaser:

Together with other Manila top bloggers. L-R: Ana Gonzales, David Guison, Lissa Kahayon, Nikita Conwi and Miko Carreon. 

2015 has just started and we're part of another kick-ass family—MadHouse MNL! We're very excited to be part of this team! We're definitely looking forward to more projects that are both work and fun with the MadHouse MNL crew! :)

After our shoot, we went straight to SM Aura to have amiga time with our favorite titas EVER EVER EVER—Tita Edna Aquino and Tita Sylvia Claudio!

Danah and I met Tita Edna and Tita Sylvia online last year, while the whole Bench Naked Truth controversy broke out. They're the ones who encouraged us and supported our article—Tita Edna who made an online petition to demand a public apology from Bench AND SM, who, at the same time, outraged a lot of netizens because of their inappropriate statement shirts that made jokes of sexually abusing unattractive women ("Easy to hipo and hipon") and rape ("It's not rape, it's snuggle with a struggle"); and Tita Sylvia who wrote her own piece (which really echoed my same sentiments) on the whole demeaning "fashion show" on Rappler, where she is a regular columnist.

After the positive outcome of our petition, we've kept in touch with them online and arranged when we can finally meet in person. We first hung out with Tita Edna a week ago, and since that lunch date, we knew we had to see each other again as soon as possible (LOL sepanx)! We just have so much to talk about with so little time. I mentioned to her that I'm a fan of Tita Sylvia and her articles, and I really want to meet her and get to know her. Gratefully, Tita Edna set up a date for us all to have coffee and it finally happened yesterday!

Instead of coffee, we ended up having early dinner in Mary Grace Cafe. The first few hours were spent talking about our lives and backgrounds where I learned that Tita Sylvia teaches in the women studies course of U.P. Diliman!!! I freaked out upon knowing this, all the more when she told me she teaches Gender and Sexuality and Feminist Theory. I've been wanting to take up my masters degree on women studies and she said the college would be happy to have us. I totally fan-girled right in front of her. She told me she even uses our blog as reading material for her students, and that just really made me kilig. It's crazy when someone you look up to recognizes you and what you do! She kept telling us that the admiration is mutual, and we went on to get to know each other all the more!

Our remaining hours together were spent sharing our opinions on empowerment, sexuality, and slut-shaming. Danah and I will be giving a talk on those topics next week in Ateneo De Manila University, and learning from legit feminists themselves (our two titas have been active in the movement since they were teenagers!!!) was just mind-blowing.

I felt my soul elated and my heart overflow with joy the entire time we were all together. I love that I have found friends in women who are way older and wiser than we are; women who have interesting stories and experiences to share from as early as the '60s and the '70s (eras I really love)—from their involvement in activism, their love stories, their lives as mothers, and other life stories that we got to squeeze in a measly 4-hour date. Yesterday was just really full of laughter and bonding, and as usual, we were the noisiest table inside Mary Grace! Haha! :)

I wish more women my age would leave their little comfort zone of barkada and take the time and effort in expanding their circle. To get to know other women who are different from them. To really converse and connect and learn from other people regardless of their age, race, religion, status, and background. I just see so many young women who get so caught up in petty dramas in their cliques, that they end up getting stuck there. Or being too obsessed with what's external that the friendships they're investing on don't really increase in value because of its shallowness. I want women to live lives that don't just look good on the outside but on the inside as well. I just hope that more women would build relationships with other women to form genuine sisterhood, and not only because they share the same taste in music, and clothes, and hobbies. Not saying there's anything bad about those, but just to cultivate deeper and more meaningful friendships. :) You get what I mean.

We were surprised that it was already 9pm from the time that we sat with Tita Edna and Tita Sylvia! Time really seems to run fast when you're enjoying yourself. Before we kissed each other goodbye, of course we took a selfie with our favorite titas! :)

Here's to more awesome amiga dates with brave and outstanding women this 2015!!! :)


Tuesday, January 20

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I know,  I know. This is waaaay overdue for a year-end-review. But hey, better late than never! I just want to take a look back at how our year has been blessed with so many good things—things that shaped us, molded us, taught us lessons and helped us grow to be the people we are destined to be.

Our 2014 was pretty much a blast, and I personally wanna share our highlights because you're also a big part of it. Whether you attended one of our events or was just cheering us on and supporting our advocacy online, you still play a MAJOR role in our our advocacy's journey and personal ones as well. :)

Here are what I consider our WINS from 2014!

1. Going back to our alma mater as speakers. There's nothing more exhilarating than going back to your roots and seeing how things have changed. Of course, those fun and nostalgic trips down memory lane are also a part of it, but being able to give back to an institution that contributed so much in shaping us during our growing years is such a good feeling and a great opportunity.

(Aaaack! Check out my jetblack hair!)

2. Stacy being chosen as Natasha's plus size model for their underwear line. Having to walk in Ashley Graham's shoes for a day is definitely a win. 

3. Our contract signing with MSE (Natasha) for their plus size clothing line. We get to do what we love while meeting some of the best people in the industry AND earning while at it. We consider this a blessing!

4. Turning 23. Another year with my other half! Birthdays are always awesome. We even threw a 90s themed party at our favorite lake house! It was an epic celebration!

4. Speaking to the students of Assumption High School. Connecting with young women and sharing our lives with one another is one of our greatest takeaways in what we do. A young student opened up about her battle with an eating disorder for the first time during this talk. I will never forget it. To me, she may not know it yet, but it's the start of her body love journey. Honesty may not always be comfortable, but at least it allows healing.

5. Becoming members of Crossfit Greenhills family as their brand ambassadors. A great way to pursue fitness, NOT thinness! Plus, the people we met from the box are SO ENCOURAGING AND AWESOME! Instant barkada!

6. Representing Tomato's Double Delicious line as their model. I love working with Tomato. Their team is excellent and I never feel like I'm working with them. :) Also, being part of something that encourages big girls to enjoy fashion is ALWAYS a win for me!

7. Speaking for CCF Alabang's Project Shine forum. Another successful talk on beauty and identity! We were given the chance to really bare our hearts and souls in front of these young women and the result was unbelievable. We were able to meet girls who were going through what we've already gone through and it's an awesome chance to put on our "big sister hats" and mentor some of them.
8. Being part of Bloggers' United 7. We love this annual meet and greet set up by our blogger friends! We get to meet our followers, sell our pre-loved stuff, and shop a bit too! I might just have described the perfect day!

9. Having our own make up workshops. We love our followers. When they have certain requests we can accommodate, we do it! After months of countless makeup tutorial requests, we finally got off our asses and started working on it. It was awesome! These are some of our happiest moments this 2014. Tiring, yes (you know, being a two-woman team). But worth it? Absolutely.

9. Ending one full season of The Plump Pinay Show with Woosah Studios. We started our podcast mid-year last 2013 and it was amazing to be able to experience it! Our creativity was put to the test when we were asked to host, produce content and invite personalities for our online show. It lasted with 22 episodes, but man, we learned so much and met so many cool people.

10. Partnering with The Boudoir Dolls for their visual poetry project: Beauty, Awakened. We love the vision and body love principles of TBD, and to be a part of this tear-jerking video is definitely one of our year's highlights. We absolutely were blown away when we saw the final cut. Watch it here. For some friendly advice, ready your tissue and turn up that volume.

11. Celebrating our blogoversary with friends and family. OUR BLOG TURNED 5 LAST YEAR!!!!!! 'NUFF SAID.

12. Partnering with NIVEA and kickstarting their Butter Up Your Personality school tour. We are huge fans of this brand (trust me, our skincare products are NIVEA), so when we received an 
e-mail from them, we freaked out. We're stoked that this world-class brand believes in our advocacy and got us to be their speakers as they launched this super fun school tour.

13. Our first talk on media literacy with DLSU students. These students invited us talk about what the media is really all about and how it's been affecting humanity in general, and women specifically. The students were participative and responsive! We even had lunch with them after the class. After a few weeks, the student coordinator texted us and said that their professor gave them a 4, and we were one of the class' favorite speakers! WIIIIIN!!!!!

14. Gracing the pages of Women's Health Magazine. Finally, magazines being more realistic with women's bodies. NOW THAT'S A WIN.

15. Spearheading a successful petition against Bench and SM's derogatory statements and acts against women. To be able to get one person to agree with our beliefs and advocacy is already a win for us, but to have 5200++ people sign our online petition in less than two weeks is mind-blowing. 

16. Stacy learning how to cook. We love to eat out. This habit wipes out our money almost instantly, that's why we learned to appreciate the fine art of domestication. It's actually fun (signs of aging)! I never imagined this day would come—that Stacy would willingly do the groceries and cook for our family! To be honest, she's so good at it, I always come back for a second plate (which is bittersweet). 

17. Being invited to the first-ever Dove Summit. Last year, Dove held a 2-day summit at Sofitel Hotel for the top influencers of the country to attend to. It's such an honor to be included in that list! It was a great event with workshops and discussions on real beauty. They even asked me and my sister to "model" for the first "unmasking" workshop! We even got to talk to Apples Aberin and she told us that we've been such inspirations to her. It was humbling and truly surreal.

18. Having our own fitness party. We're all for building a community of happy, body positive women who aren't afraid of using their bodies as instruments to experience life. So when our Fitsycal Party was received well, we were so mind-blown! It goes to show that more and more women are pursuing fitness instead of fitness. The event was such a success, it's definitely one for the books!

19. Being resident judges for Eat Bulaga's plus size model search, FHHM. When news broke that the longest-running noontime show in the country was holding a plus size model search, people turned to us right away. We're so honored that Eat Bulaga contacted us to be judges. We saw it as an opportunity to share our advocacy on TV! 

20. Stacy sharing her story in NO SHAME, an event for sexually abused women to speak up and be heard. I couldn't be any prouder of my twin sister when she took a leap of faith to finally talk about her experience on date-rape out in the open. I know it wasn't easy for her, but to be THAT bold to speak the truth encouraged others to do the same. This event was full of tears, honesty, bravery and rawness. I will never forget the conversations and confessions that went inside Fully Book's Forum room. 

21. Throwing our Hatty Holidaze Christmas party at Rocketroom. Because. Christmas.

22. Travels. The perks of being our mom's daughters! Haha! Our mom is one of the most generous people I've ever known, and she loves to lavish us with gifts (her love language). Last year, she gifted us with a trip to Boracay and Singapore! The travel itself isn't the win, but our mom's love and kindness. It's like we won the jackpot in the parent lottery! :)

That's it for my looong roster of wins! :) Thanks for being a part of our 2014. You taking your body love journey is definitely our win. We hope you continue to be a part of our 2015!

More (t)winning moments to come!

Plump love,