Friday, October 31

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Yesterday, we had back to back meetings like crazy! We're planning something grand to celebrate our blog 5th's anniversary (can't believe we're half a decade old) so we've been so busy lately. I can't imagine how we're gonna pull off our November with 3 major events, but we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. :) We are seriously so excited for the BIG things in store for us this coming month! You gotta watch out! ;)

What I wore:
Old Navy sweater | Marks & Spencer leggings| Birkinstocks

Aldo watch | House of Harlow sunglasses | Valentino bag

It's my #birksday!
What Stacy wore:
Raybans | Old Navy shirt | Swap watch by Tomato | Cotton On jeggings | Dr. Martens

YSL bag

What do you think about our contrasting looks? :)

Plump love,

Thursday, October 30

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Since a lot of y'all have been asking what's inside my bag, 
here you go! 

Note: The photos above are the closest I can get when it comes to things inside bag. Some are for reference only since Polyvore has limited images on their search engine. I just want to give you an idea of the things that I keep with me on a day to day basis. 

To compensate, here's a more specific run down of my most trusted and favorite products. I hope you enjoy 'em and try a thing or two that you'll get to like too (cool, that rhymed)! :)

1.  Cinema Secret's white eyeliner
(I can't find a picture online, so I just used this one because it looks exactly like it, minus the brand name of course)

I'M A HUGE FAN (pun intended) of white eye liner! It instantly makes my eyes pop, and it makes 'em look wider and bright. I keep it with me so I can reapply through the day, although it stays on my waterline for a pretty long time.

2. Spray-on alcohol

A MUST-HAVE! I prefer the one in an atomizer bottle 'cos it's easier and less messier to use. I particularly like Hygienix because it leaves my hands smelling fresh, and it moisturizes 'em too! 

3. Gatsby Oil Control film

I swear by this product. I think I have told my friends to buy it because I just simply find it very effective. It's a necessity to me. This oil control film has a thin layer of translucent powder on it, which makes it perfect to strip away the oils on your face, especially when you have makeup on. It doesn't mess up your foundation, and it leaves your skin looking matte and fresh. 
I highly recommend it! 

4. A nice pair of shades

Let's face it, the weather here in Manila can be bipolar sometimes. It doesn't hurt to keep a pair of sunglasses handy! I am currently loving my mom's House of Harlow sunnies (which is mine now, bwahaha!). It's very classy and it goes well with my round face. It kinda' gives it structure and evens out the curves. Also, don't be afraid to spend on a pair, since it should seriously protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. So go ahead darling, spend a little more!

5. My (mom's) heavy-duty power bank + lighting charger cord 

Just like y'all, I cannot run out of phone juice! I keep this charged and ready to go in my bag. This power bank's shape and size is perfect for handbags and it gives my phone 4 cycles of full battery. Not bad for this little baby.

6.  Lipstick

You can never have too much lipstick! I keep 2 lippies stashed in my bag just in case I have an emergency dinner or meeting that I can transition my day make up to. My current favorites are Mac's Mehr and Nyx's soft matte lip creams in London (nude) and Addis Ababa (bright pink).

7. Blush

Applying blush on your cheeks instantly livens up your face! I use Smashbox's bronzer because I like its shade. Very natural and it goes well with my skintone and most lip colors I use. I reapply this because it wears off as the day goes on (and I as give besos to my friends). 

8. Lacoste perfume in Woman

I'm such a scent freak! I love scenting; from creating the perfect ambiance to relaxing my senses, I believe fragrance has an impact. I am obsessed with smelling good, that's why I like to keep my perfume handy at all times. I spray it on whenever I feel like my scent has worn off. I've used Anna Sui before, but I think I've transitioned from sweet scents to a more womanly, mature-but-still-very-light-and-fresh one. 

PS: 9. My wallet
It was my Mama Noem's (grandma's) Christmas gift last year. Nuff said.

There you go! I hope you've discovered a new product to love. I know some of y'all are requesting for more makeup tips and techniques other than this blog post, but you'll have to check out our beYOUtified event this November 25 to learn our beauty secrets! It's our 2nd MAKE UP WORKSHOP + TOTAL HAIR MAKE OVER EVENT! It's gonna be fun! ;)

Plump love,

Monday, October 27

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What's your size? UK 12 or L-XL

What were your body-image issues growing up? I never went through a thin phase my entire life. Growing up, I was a chubby kid and as I reached high school, I became obese. However it was not a problem until I entered college. My friends had suitors left and right and I thought to myself, "why aren't boys crazy over me?", as an obese teenager in college, that was when I became self-conscious and for the first time, I felt insecure. I didn't go out as much mainly because I was shy and embarrassed of how my bilbil would show and jealous of how trendy my friends would look like. Often, I'd compare their looks to mine (read: loose shirt, jeans and sneakers—the only ones that could fit me.) Out of my desperation, I started taking diet pills and they were effective. From a size 14, I went down to a size 8 in just 2 months. I was able to fit in trendy clothes, I gained compliments and suitors. Though the dramatic weight loss, I'd still binge eat knowing the pills were there to "save me". This yo-yo dieting went on for years.

How did you overcome your issues? Over the past years my weight has been a rollercoaster ride because I relied on diet pills to lose weight. My size constantly alternated from S-M to M-L. Weight was my constant issue. The time came when just got tired of giving a damn about my size. At 27 years old and a size 12, have accepted that, this is me... I'm not your average-sized girl and I can still look fabulous nonetheless.

When did you start on your journey towards body love and how did it change your life?
I started my body love journey in my late '20s. All the years I spent following fad diets and trying to fit in made me realize that there's a reason why I'm different. Being a size 12 does not stop me from looking fabulous. And looking fabulous gives me a natural high. I love dressing up and I encourage plus sized women (and everyone else) to do the same because fashion has evolved into an instant language. Looking presentable is an act of politeness, regardless of size.

What or who inspires you to be a confident plus size woman?
Rachael Ray and Queen Latifah has that confidence like a magnet that I admire. They're so comfortable being themselves and it's what makes them attractive. I look up to Kelly Osbourne's daring and distinct style. She knows her body well and she dresses accordingly. My role models are the twins Danah and Stacy Gutierrez. I love how they voice out what many women are afraid to, and I love how they encourage plus sized women like me to be comfortable in my own skin. (Aaaaaw, thank you!) 

How do you deal with negative comments regarding your style and size (if there are any)?
Simple! If I like it and it looks good on me, I'll wear it. Of course I get affected with comments like, my braso is big, but it's the truth, so I have to accept the truth and live with it in harmony. However there are some people who really point it out like gaining weight is a flaw, or worse—a sin. Personally, I don't point out people's physical "flaws" mainly because I know I'm not perfect. When someone comes up to me and tells me my arms are big, or says I gained weight, I really don't come back at them with comments about their undone faces or disheveled looks. I always reply in a manner where I don't insult, even when I have just been insulted. This shows my character as a person. So I just say that I love to eat. There will always be negative comments, it's part of life. But that's not going to stop me from inspiring and influencing others (everyone including plus sized women) to look good, if not their best.

When did you decide to start experimenting with fashion and your style? In my early '20s, my knowledge about brands and designers broadened, and that was when my passion for fashion intensified. Since then, I have discovered my style and have stayed true to it.

Who's your style icon? A lot! Right now, I'm loving Kim Kardashian's structured and tailored monochrome looks.

How would you describe your style? It rotates around girly girl, casual glam and color blocking.

Favorite store? Forever 21

3 things that big girls must have in their closet?
1.) Skater dress
2.) Blazer
3.) Pointed flats

How important are other people's perception of you to you?
I listen to people's comments but I follow what I truly believe in. In terms of fashion, if I like it and if it looks good on me, then I'll wear it regardless of what others think. I love it when people associate you to a certain style and say "That's so you."

What are you grateful for for your body?
I love how I am now. I have no complaints in terms of fashion as I wear whatever I fancy. I really love enhancing my waist, even if my bilbil shows! I do this by wearing pieces that cinch the waist like a skater dress.

Message to other Plump Pinays:
You are exactly how you should be. Don't succumb to your insecurities because thin people have insecurities too. Always remember that the way you dress is how you present yourself to the world. So dressing well is an act of politeness. Dressing well has no size requirements. Just stay true to your style because this will make you distinct.

Sunday, October 26

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I've gotten 2 emails from 2 different persons, speaking the same message.

They're reporting some ridiculous stuff they've seen on their newsfeed that's just fat shaming and body bashing at its finest.

Here they are:

And to all the body negativity, this accurately encapsulates how I feel.

I didn't make this meme, but I believe it's meant to be for me! It says 2009 by coincidence, and that's the birth year of this blog! SO AWESOME.


We're in the year 2014.

FAT JOKES ARE OVER. They're lame.

If you think otherwise, then YOU'RE LAME.


For Karen and Lil's sake who seem to be utterly uneducated on this concept, here's what body positivity is—it's acknowledging the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes. That we are beautifully diverse, and that's how we are all created to be. It's respecting every body type there is, and knowing that a mere body cannot define an entire human being. It's also knowing that every woman has the freedom to express herself with how she dresses up, and only shallow and insecure people write lists of fashion do's and don't's (mostly don't's!) for plus size women.

Being body positive is simply not making an ass out of yourself by assuming that ALL FAT PEOPLE are disgusting lazy slobs who sit on their asses all day eating McDonald's. It's definitely NOT marginalizing people by categorizing them based on their size and/or weight, and creating an online model search with the hashtag "NO FAT CHIX SOCIETY".

First of all, are these girls deluded? What planet do they come from? Because as I can tell based on observation, FAT CHICKS (C-H-I-C-K-S being the correct spelling of the word) are everywhere on planet Earth. And, if these girls might not know, FOR SOME PEOPLE, IT'S NORMAL TO BE FAT.  THAT'S JUST HOW THEY'RE MADE—BIGGER THAN "THE USUAL." Why the need to make an illusion that this world is free from soft, huggable people? (And why even want to live in that world???)

I'm not saying I'm against model searches because I am not. I even judged one, remember? But what I'm against is body bashing, which is what Karen and her other anti-fat chick friends are promoting online. Why not just name it "Thin Chix Society"? Coming from me, I know that's an awful suggestion (because I prefer that no body type is singled out and that 'x' annoys me so bad), but at least it's better than sending a message to people that an ideal world is a world where fat women do not AND SHOULD NOT exist.

Truth of the matter is, I can't do anything if Karen and her friends' thing is to post half naked photos of their objectified selves to get likes before they can feel secure and pretty. That's their thing. My thing is to write about the truth, and hope and pray that it serves as an enlightenment to everyone living in this world obsessed with "perfection"—and not focus on whether my article will get likes or not. 

I genuinely hope with all of my heart that as these girls transition to become women (they have yet to), they realize that social media likes are only as good as monopoly money, and they can still call themselves beautiful even when their faces get lined with wrinkles and their breasts start to sag.

FAT PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO EXIST. WE EXIST. And the simple fact that we still do despite the never-ending trends of diets and slimming products all these corporations market to us is proof that the weight-loss industry is (1) BULLSHIT (2) ONLY CAPITALIZES IN OUR INSECURITIES FOR PROFIT and (3) PROMOTES NEGATIVE VALUES THAT PRODUCE BRAINWASHED PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE SKINNY EQUALS BEAUTY (AND HEALTH).

More than anything, I feel bad for Lil. I feel bad for her and people who are like her. What a narrow way to see beauty. Her solution to her serious "problem" of seeing fat girls enjoy fashion is to make fun of them and make them feel bad about their bodies, when the REAL solution to her seemingly huge dilemma is simple: just change the way how she sees plus size bodies and bodies in general.

This is what I mean when I say the mainstream media produces a brainwashed society who believes that the deciding factor of a woman's beauty is her size. Since every (local) advertisement we see (or hear) shows us that a big-bodied woman only deserves a spot on the before page and never the after, or that she doesn't even have any right to be presented as a happy, sexy, and successful woman, the sight of a fat chick who lives her life free from the so-called rules of society must be shamed until she returns to her cave (or the kitchen as these stereotypical people would like to think)—never to come out until she's reduced her size to what's acceptable to the eyes of the public. 

Other than the superficiality and crassness of these posts, what ultimately makes me upset and shake my head in disappointment is that it both came from women.


Fine, GIRLS—because apparently they haven't matured to be women yet.

Don't you think it's about time we stop the body negativity towards one another and just uplift each other? Don't we get too much messages from the media telling us we will never be good enough or be wanted enough until we look a certain way? Aren't we supposed to be on the same team? Instead of judging and laughing and mocking our flaws, why not say "hey, it's okay, we all have flaws, and it doesn't make us any less beautiful"?

With the blatant and rapid spread of consumerism, we, women, are being trained to see our bodies as a thing we only dress up and shrink and prettify to get the boys drooling, but despite all the consistent noise from the media, may we never forget what fundamentally our bodies are: instruments. Our bodies have been given to us as instruments for us to take care of, nourish, and use so we can LIVE. So we can enjoy feeling the sand as we walk on the stretch of the shore, marveling at God's majesty. So we can hug our friends when they need us to be there for them. So we can help our grandma who's having a hard time walking. So we can nurture our children to grow up to become awesome human beings. So we can eat, and move, and connect with others, and live happy, positive lives for ourselves.

Before I end this post, I wanna encourage you girls to speak up and promote body positivity to everyone you know online.

I want you to post a happy selfie on Instagram with your message against body negativity in general. Tell the world why you're against it and how it has affected you and your self-esteem. Tell women why it's so detrimental to spread such hate online. Tell them how you've seen it affect the young girls of our country.

Be honest, be sincere, but most of all, be kind. Let's keep in mind that we can fight against fat hate with love. We can uphold body positivity without reducing a person to her nasty comments or posts. As Nietzsche put it simply, "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process (s)he does not become a monster."

Use the hashtag #BeBodyPositive. Feel free to hashtag posts that are fat discriminating or body bashing on Facebook and twitter too. Let's spread awareness and kindness online.

Oh and Lil, we're still gonna wear cropped tops. ;)


Saturday, October 25

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These classic shoes are back!!! And we couldn't be any happier because finally we have a pair of sandals that instantly make lazy days look more fashionable!

What Danah wore:
Jus' Ur Size Top | Natasha Jeans | Birkenstock Sandals | Dorothy Perkins Shawl | Valentino bag

Arizona in color Stone 

What I wore:
Hanes V-Neck | Dorothy Perkins Jeans | Birkenstock sandals | YSL bag

H&M spring ring | Tiffany bracelet | Kiyosa gel nails

Love my Mayari Birkenstocks!

We've always been the flats/sandals type of girls, and I remember our mom buying us our very first Birks when we were in high school. We used it all the time until our feet's sweat have been permanently stamped on its insoles. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about! LOL

Since I've been seeing similar-looking sandals currently trend, I missed my Birks and thought of buying my own. But I guess God wanted to give me an early Christmas present this year because I got these babies as a gift from Birkenstocks Philippines (care of Trendz360)! WOOT! Thank you! :)

I am so happy to have my very own Mayari sandals in WHITE! *googly eyes*

Although, when I first wore my sandals, my feet ached so bad because the footbed was pretty hard. But I guess that's part of having new Birks. Like a pair of heels, you're gonna have to break them in. I just wore my Birks for second time, and surprisingly it's gotten waaaaaaay softer and more comfortable. The third time I wear it should be the last of the "breaking-in" stage, so I can transition to the "laspagan na" stage. It's that honeymoon phase I get into whenever I fall in love with certain shoes—I could wear the same pair every day and even work my entire outfit around it! Now, because of these Birks, I seriously wanna go to Uniqlo and shop for more basic tees and shorts in Khaki and white. 

Emoting with my hair. :p Thanks to our ever-favorite Azta Urban Salon for always keeping our mane healthy! Just had my monthly Nounou Pak hair treatment that repairs and nourishes really dry hair.

If you haven't invested in your very own pair of Birkenstocks, visit any of these Shoe Salon branches to purchase: Fairview Terraces, Trinoma Mall, Marquee Mall, Glorietta 3, Shangri-La Plaza, Power Plant Mall, Ayala Cebu, Harbor Point, Robinsons Place Ermita, Robinsons Magnolia, and SM Mall of Asia.

Follow Shoe Salon on instagram too and see all their available styles and other shoes!

BIRKENSTOCKS ARE SO BACK! Every day is gonna be Birks day for me—especially now that I have 2 pairs to use! Having a twin has so much perks, I tell ya! ;)


Wednesday, October 22

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poster designed by Alyanna Dela Cruz

Due to popular demand, we're hosting our second makeup workshop next month!!!

Since a lot of you didn't get to join our first workshop due to its location (Intramuros), this time, we are back for a full afternoon of fun, bonding, and makeovers!

Join us and get BeYOUtified on November 25, Tuesday, as we personally teach you our basic day makeup techniques!

We are very happy to announce our major partner for this event: Azta Urban Salon—the only salon we've trusted for already 4 years and counting! Other than all the talking, laughing, and learning we'll do, each participant will also get an extensive hair makeover. Azta's senior hair stylists will join us to complete everyone's looks with the perfect haircut and hair treatment!

A hearty and delicious lunch will be served by M Catering, and delectable desserts will be baked fresh by Cuckooh Puffs.

Registration fee is only PhP 1500, inclusive of food, drinks, makeup loot, and 1 raffle stub for a chance to win PhP 3000 worth of K-Palette goodies!

We really hope you join us as we try to bring out the best version of you, from the inside out. :) We're also giving away 1 FREE SLOT to a lucky Instagram follower. Follow us @theplumpinay and watch out for our post to know more about contest mechanics.

We only have 10 SLOTS to fill so reserve one now! 5 early bird registrants each get a special gift from us to be given on the event. :) Contact us at or 0916 406 9896.

For an idea on what to bring and the brands we prefer, check out this list:

  • Foundation (we use Maybelline's BB Stick)
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Primer (optional)
  • Concealer (we use Cinema Secrets)
  • Press power or loose powder (we use Maybelline's Clear Smooth cake powder)
  • Brow pencil (we use Billion Dollar brows)
  • Make sure it matches your hair color
  • Brow mascara (we use Dolly Wink)
  • Make sure it matches your hair color
  • Contour (we use The Balm's Bahama Mama)
  • It must be 2 shades darker than your skin tone. DO NOT USE A BRONZER FOR THIS.
  • Highlighter (we use a loose white pigment from Michiko)
  • It must be 2 shades lighter than your skin tone; you can use a beige, pearly eyeshadow as a substitute.
  • Lipsticks (1 natural shade, 1 darker or bolder shade)
  • Better if you use matte or cream type
  • Blush powder (we use Smashbox)
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • Quads are a good way to start, but please opt for neutral tones such as browns.
  • Mascara (we use Cover Girl's Rocket VolumExpress)
  • White eyeliner (we use Cinema Secrets)
  • Liquid liner (optional)
  • Make up brushes

  • 12-piece make up brush sets are perfect for a beginner's kit.
  • Make up remover wipes
  • Ear buds
  • Eyelash curler
  • Headband/hair tie
  • Alcohol (in a mini spray bottle)
  • Tissue
  • Lipbalm

Side note: we don't expect you to buy new items. If you have a make up kit we can build on, the better! :)

Azta Urban Salon is located at the ground floor, near the side entrance of SM Jazz Mall.

See you, plumpies!

Tuesday, October 21

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We were invited by Kiyosa Nail Salon to their grand launch a few weeks ago, but due a hectic schedule, we weren't able to attend. Good thing they were gracious enough to still let us try their AMAZING services on a date and time that's convenient for us, thanks to Carissa Villacorta (PR)! 

Kiyosa is located at the ground level of F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City. As Stacy and I entered, we were stunned at how big, clean, and luxurious the place is. 
It actually looks like an extension of the hotel!

When we got there, we were greeted and welcomed by Rie, the manager of the salon. She's a plump Japanese woman who is soft-spoken and very polite. She told us that she's been in the country for years and we found out that she went to bible school here in Manila. Currently, she's busy working for Kiyosa, as they dream of opening new branches in Philippines' major cities.

We were surprised that almost all their manicurists were Japanese. Rie told us how each of them studied nail artistry in Japan, and that all of them are licensed nail technicians. In fact, each nail technician is required to study a 3-month course on nail structure, hygiene, and artistry before they get licensed. They're THAT serious when it comes to nail grooming, and they take their jobs earnestly and do their work with pride.

Kiyosa also offers lash extensions! This room is located on the 2nd floor where their customers can relax or watch movies while they have their peepers done. If you wanna go all out with your lashes, you should let Momoko do your eyes. Momoko is a fun and bubbly Japanese lady who was a gold-medalist in Japan's international lash extension competition. WOW!!! 
I didn't even know they have events like those! Way to go, Japan!

Stairs down to the first floor where all the nail services are done

My nail tech's tools

Kiyosa will bring you to nail art heaven! Look at those detailed designs!

It took me so long to finally choose and stick to a design! 
It made me wish I had more finger nails to bling out! Haha!

Their nail technicians are very skilled, gentle and fast! They obviously know the procedure/s needed to be done depending on the health and state of your nails. There were times they had to refuse to provide service to some clients because their nails were too sensitive or damaged. This goes to show that they care more about their clients' welfare than profit. Good job, guys!

Here's the fun part: gel nails application! They use high-grade soft gel to paint over your nails. This smoothens all the ridges and cracks and gives your nails a glass-like finish. I also like that you don't have to be careful with it because it hardens and dries under the UV light which is done every after coating for about 15-30 seconds.

I was really mind-blown at how excellent these nail technicians are in what they do! 
They hand-painted each nail carefully with gel lacquer, and blinged them out with studs! Even the houndstooth design I chose was painstakingly drawn. It was so amazing to see them in action.


Stacy's white and gold blinged out nails

My two-tone nails with houndstooth print and studs

Each gel nail art session lasts 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the design you want.
The starting price of their gel nail manicure is Php 3000. I know it's very pricey, but you get quality service and perfectly designed nails that will last up to 3 weeks. 
You also get a 15-day warranty for your nails!

Kiyosa hopes to put up a nail school for inspiring nail technicians in the country. They want to train them excellently and give them the opportunity to work and earn good money. :)

I personally loved my time at Kiyosa and would recommend it to every nail-art loving woman out there!

Check out Kiyosa's website here.