Thursday, May 26

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A few days ago, I suddenly thought of the brilliant idea of giving our male readers/supporters space here on the blog to share their opinions and their stories, but specifically on them finding fat, chubby, plump, curvy, voluptuous, big (call it whatever you may), girls attractive.

And since then, I've been wanting you, our dear male readers, to submit your stories--whether it's about you crushing on a plumpy, you being with a plump woman (and loving every minute of it!) currently or in the past, or just plain admiring fat hotties and their curves--to show the world that men do get PHYSICALLY attracted to big women too!

Basically I just really want to bust the myth the society has created us to believe--that men get attracted to skinny or thin girls ONLY.

But before I was even able to post the request for submissions, a reader all the way from New Zealand sent a submission on his take on what sexiness really is, and his insight on confidence!

So here's Matt--a humble coffee roaster from Wellington, New Zealand who doesn't only have the hots for coffee-roasting but for beautiful fatties too--and his submission! ;)

Let me begin by saying I'm a relatively handsome male and I adore plump, beautiful women such as yourselves. For me, a woman is just not a woman unless she is beautifully soft and round. Beautiful bellies is where it's at, mmmmmm! But I do find it extremely difficult to talk to plump girls when I'm out and about, not because I lack the confidence but because it seems often they lack the confidence to realize that I'm actually interested in them and to realize that they are beautiful. And I tell you I'm not the only one who feels this way.
I think a lot of the body image issues arise from social conditioning through the media and magazines. I mean I often look at those weight loss advert before and after pictures and think to myself "she looked way hotter in the before picture than in the after picture". I really don't get it sometimes. I think young men from an early age are taught what beautiful is and are not really allowed to feel what beautiful is, if you know what I mean. And I know that a lot of men out there are feeling conflicted over what they are taught is beautiful and what they feel is beautiful. So come on! All the men out there! Let's forget the magazines and concentrate on the plump, chubby beautiful girls who are standing right in front of us.

I look at the photos you guys post on your blog and all I see are gorgeous, beautiful, plump, chubby, round girls with big beautiful smiles on their faces enjoying life. Confidence girls please! I cannot stress this enough, show confidence and the world is yours! And if some shallow person tries to make you feel bad for being natural and beautiful, remember that it's only an internal reflection of how they actually about themselves and the lack of confidence they feel inside for not letting themselves be who they truly are.

I do have more to say but I also have coffee that must be roasted too. So keep an eye out for my next post. And plump girls of the world, remember to keep an eye out for the "glad eye" because it's on you. And when you see it, approach the man because he really wants you to!

I wish more guys would be as bold and proud as Matt in professing their love for plump women!!! Kudos to you, Matt! Thanks for sharing your insights! :)

If you're just like Matt and you love curvy bodies too, submit your stories to :) Tell the world you like big, chunky, beautiful girls and be damn proud of it! ;)

Stay sexy,


  1. wow im inlove with him already! ^^ men who run after poster girls all the time are just stuck in their adolescent stage. get with a round foxy lady and they sure will grow up! loving this site!

  2. Wow! this blog post proved me wrong about my belief that men are only after the skinny ladies. Yay! Kudos to all fat-loving boys! and thanks Matt for boosting our confidence! =)

    More power ThePlumpPinay! and thanks a lot for posting my story (from frumpy to plumpy)

    Love! Love!

  3. let me just say that reading this makes me feel more confident about my body.

    you see, i've had a horrible past concerning some men in my life. alam niyo naman majority ng mga lalaki, they look into the outside rather than making time to see the inside.

    i've even had one guy tell me that he can't date me because i was bigger than him.

  4. I'm not a guy. But I do love plump guys over buffed flat-ab ones.

    This just means that on the other end of the spectrum... There are guys who have the same preference as I do. Kudos to this guy :)