Saturday, January 21

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Read Gabby's answer when Oprah asks her about where her striking confidence comes from and compares her (Gabby) to herself (Oprah) since she has been lamenting about her weight since she was 22 years old.

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My first diet was when I was 6 years old and so, you know, I've never been a small girl and one day, I had to like sit down with myself and decide that I'll love myself no matter what my body looked like, no matter what other people thought of my body. I had to love myself.

I just got tired of feeling bad all the time, I got tired of hating myself and so I really had to have that conversation with myself and find what I love about myself.


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  1. Just like her I have never been a small girl, and like her I have accepted and loved my curves =)

  2. I think that's the best thing we can do for ourselves, to accept ourselves.

    When I look in the mirror and I see myself ugly, I don't convince myself I'm pretty. I feel like I'm only fooling myself. It's difficult to build self-esteem by convincing yourself you're pretty, even if you honestly think you're not (no matter what other people think)

    I worked on accepting myself first no matter what, ugly or pretty or fat or thin or whatever. It's ok. It doesn't make me less of a person.

    After that, I slowly saw how wonderful I am.

  3. I love Gabby Sidibe! I love her confidence and her views of life. She's very inspiring to everyone and not just for those who thinks they need to loose a little weight here and there. =)

  4. She's a diva!! she reminds me of you both :) Hope things are doing great for the two of you, Loves!

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  5. @Rae: I understand what you mean. But it's true, that when we let slowly hush the criticisms from our own minds, that's when we see ourself for who and what we are. I think it's also powerful to tell ourselves that we are beautiful in our own right, not because we're comparable to what the media dicatates as beautiful. When standards are put in the picture, it's easy to fall under a category. But when all those things are ignored, then we can honestly and actually say, "HEY, I AM INDEED GORGEOUS."


    @Tin: She's awesome 'diba? :) Thanks for the comment!

    @Mar: Thanks Mar!!! <3 You're wonderful! Always a pleasure to have you around. :)